Flier on "Day and Week of Christ's Death" to be mailed out to Kingdom Halls this week!

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  • CharlieSmith1975

    The tricky thing about a mass mailing to all the Kingdom Halls is that mail is often not delivered to the Kingdom Hall but to a PO Box. It is super easy to get all the addresses to hundreds of Kingdom Halls across the country and even have those addresses printed out for you as labels! But when I did that before I got about a third of them back. So the trick is to know or guess the addresses where mail is actually delivered, that is, to Kingdom Hall locations that have mail boxes.

    The focus of the flier will be for elders and the CO. The rank and file witness are told to destroy any "apostate" materials immediately and not to read it. Of course, they do anyway, but they can't really legitimately "share" or discuss it with any other witnesses or else they will be seen as disobedient. But if an elder gets it, he might presume it is being sent out to the local churches and people in the neighborhood and thus he needs to look into it and come up with a response in defense of the organization. Of course, in this case, there is no response beyond the WTS not understanding the least thing about Passover. An elder will be up on this or have the tools to do research and will quickly discuss it with others and get advice. Apostate material coming to the Kingdom Hall is an "event" for them. They think they are immune to what is being said. Plus they may have a rule to forward anything currently said about the witnesses to the WTS. So when it comes to exposing false JW teachings, elders are who you aim for. They are the mature ones, the thinkers and they think in terms of how things impact the congregation as well as the organization as a whole.

    The topic of the date of Jesus' death is complex, though, and so it just touches on 8 topical points of "What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Teach About the Day and Week of Christ's Death" listing those 8 beliefs. Then another list under "What Does the BIBLE teach about the Day and Week of Christ's Death." The topical points save lots and lots of words. It's a one-page flier printed on two sides. It's brilliant! I guess I'll post it here in case anyone wants to hand a few of them to some local elders. Anyway, it will be fun to mail them out knowing the impact it will have.

    The design is rather brilliant, I think, because of the inherent challenge of communicating with any witness. That is, the average witness has no idea what they believe or teach. Zippo! Ask any witness to explain why Jesus arrived in 1914 and see what happens? They have to look it up! Same here. Some technical points are not common knowledge so just exposing what the Bible teaches is not enough. What you have to do is what I did. You have to list exactly what JWs teach and then compare that to what the Bible teaches. So it is brilliant in the sense that it will actually teach the elder reading it what they teach, which might be a shock to them. Then it will show them what the Bible teaches. Once they compare the two, they will realize the WTS is a false prophet in this case, which won't make sense to them, since they think the WTS is "God's channel," right?

    Point is, the WTS change their "new light" all the time. What is different here is that the elder won't figure out why the "new light" is coming from some "apostate" source and not directly from the WTS. And they will watch to see how quickly the WTS will try to correct their false teaching. In the meantime, what do they do? Do they maintain the false teaching until told otherwise, officially, by the WTS? Lots of witnesses think exactly that. They will tell you that they will accept what the Bible says when Jehovah corrects it. Only thing is, they think Jehovah only corrects it through the organization instead of directly from the Bible.

    I also plan to send copies to some of the public witnesses, like Firpo Carr and others who have written books. I've already sent the text online to the "Snarky Apologist" (YouTube) who might like to have another thing to jab at the witnesses. So we'll see how that works.

    600 copies at 50 cents a pop, including postage and envelope is just $300. The copies were only about $100, $75 for the printing and $25 for the colored paper. A small price to pay for the mischief this will cause! tee hee! I'll also send some to the WTS headquarters. They have hundreds of Kingdom Halls in large cities, like Los Angeles and in New York! So I'll run out of Kingdom Halls soon. But the more populated the area the better.

    This will work like the kingdom, like leaven. It will start small and then spread. Elders like to talk among themselves and in large cities many elders living near each other serve in different congregations but they know each other. If something is going to affect the witness community, they will keep each other posted. They will wonder if they got the same letter or not.

    Anyway, I'll have a fun day buying the bulk envelopes! Actually, I'm only going to mail out 300. I'm going to pass out the other 300 to churches, ministers and homes where I live with a note on it asking them to "please give this to one of Jehovah's Witnesses." Plus I'm definitely going to send one to my JW relatives. They will figure it out its from me for sure, but some have been in the truth a long time and they may as well know what I'm up to. (smile) Three of my relatives are elders, so.

    I'll post some of the information below.

  • CharlieSmith1975
    Here's the flier! Fits on 2 pages.
    1. Jehovah’s witnesses teach that Jesus died on Friday, Nisan 14th, in 33 CE.
    2. They teach that Jesus sent two disciples out on Nisan 13th to prepare for the Passover meal prior to sunset, but that the lamb was killed immediately after sunset.
    3. They teach that the date changed at sunset from Nisan 13th to Nisan 14th and thus Jesus is killed within 24 hours of when the lamb was killed just after sunset.
    4. Thus they teach that the time in the Bible called “between the two evenings” was the short time between sundown and nightfall.
    5. The Bible says that Jesus was killed on a day of preparation, the day before a Sabbath day; thus they teach that the Passover meal was eaten on a day of preparation.
    6. They teach that Jesus’ impalement at the “third hour” occurred at 9 a.m. on Friday, Nisan 14th.
    7. They teach that Jesus rose on early Sunday morning before sunrise on Nisan 16th and that Jesus appeared the following 40 days before his ascension, meaning Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost 10 days after Jesus ascended to heaven.
    8. In their publication “Insight On The Scriptures” (1:1153) under “Hour” they claim they cannot explain how it is that Jesus is said to have been impaled at the third hour of the day at Mark 15:25, and yet his trial at John 19:14 is said to have occurred at the sixth hour. That is, unless two different methods of calculating the hour were used in the Bible, which is not readily apparent, it would appear that Jesus’ trial at the sixth hour, which is at noon, occurred 3 hours after he was impaled at 9 a.m.

    1. The Bible teaches that Jesus died on a Thursday before “three nights” (Matt. 12:40) in the grave. Jesus rose on a Saturday night. If Saturday night was the third night, then the first night would have been a Thursday night. That means Jesus must die on a Thursday according to the Bible.
    2. Luke 22:7 clearly indicates that Jesus sent out two disciples to prepare for the Passover meal on the same day the lambs were killed and then came to eat the meal after sunset. Thus the Passover meal is eaten after sunset of the day the lambs are killed. Jewish tradition and history reflect that the Passover lambs were killed at the temple in Jerusalem beginning the ninth hour. Thus one disciple had to take the lamb to the temple to be killed that afternoon after 3 p.m. to be eaten after sunset. This is consistent with the Bible’s statement that the disciples were sent out on the day the lambs were killed to be eaten the next day after sunset.
    3. When the Jews first left Egypt, they followed Egyptian custom of not changing the date until midnight as we do now. Thus the date did not change from Nisan 14th to the 15th until midnight. The same night the Jews left Egypt is the same night they ate Passover. The night the Jews left Egypt was the 15th of Nisan, not the 14th. Passover is said to be eaten on the 14th because the Passover meal ends at midnight when the angel of death comes. But after midnight the date changes to the 15th and thus the Jews are said leave that same night as Passover was eaten, but on the 15th.
    4. The Jews had a concept of two mornings and two evenings. One morning began at midnight and another at sunrise. Likewise, they had a corresponding concept of one evening beginning at noon and another at sunset. So for the Jews, the time halfway “between the two evenings” was 3 p.m., which is when the lambs are customarily killed at the temple.
    5. Nisan 14th, the day the lambs are killed at 3 p.m. is a day of preparation. But once sunset took place, it became the Sabbath. Thus Passover is always eaten on a special Sabbath day of Passover week, the first day of unfermented cakes. Passover is never eaten on a day of preparation. As the Bible says, the 1st day of unfermented cakes begins on Nisan 14th, in the evening (Ex 12:18). That’s because the date did not change at sunset but not until midnight. So just as the Jews are said to have left Egypt on the 15th shortly after Passover ended at midnight, then Jesus would have been arrested about the same time, Nisan 15th, a Sabbath day, not Nisan 14th, a day of preparation.
    6. Per the Bible the third hour of impalement would have been at 9 p.m. following Jesus’ trial at Noon. In 33 CE, his trial would have occurred at noon (sixth hour) on Wednesday, Nisan 19th and he would have been impaled at 9 p.m. (third hour). Then at noon the following day, Thursday, a day of preparation, there was darkness for three hours prior to Jesus’ death at the ninth hour (3 p.m.) on Thursday, Nisan 20th.
    7. Since Jesus died on Thursday, Nisan 20th, he would have risen early Sunday morning on the 23rd, seven days after the 16th. After appearing for 40 days, Jesus would have ascended just three days before Pentecost rather than 10 days before Pentecost. That is, the 120 disciples were in the upper room for only 3 days awaiting Holy Spirit rather than ten days.
    8. When it is understood that Jesus died on a Thursday, which was Nisan 20th in 33 CE, there is no problem with the time of Jesus’ final trial occurring at noon prior to his impalement at the following third hour, which would have been at 9 p.m. That’s because there is no imperative for Jesus dying the same day he eats Passover or the same day he is arrested. Instead, Jesus would have eaten the Passover meal on Nisan 14th, which was Friday evening after sunset. After midnight it became the 15th and Jesus went out into the garden of Gethsemane where he was arrested. He appeared first before the high priest until sunrise when he was taken to the Sanhedrin. He was then taken to Pilate who discovered he was from Galilee, after which Pilate sent Jesus to Herod. During this week a political prisoner was released to the Jews as part of the week-long festival. So Herod had until Wednesday morning to return Jesus. When he returned Jesus, he and Pilate became good friends, both agreeing Jesus was innocent. Jesus’ final trial before Pilate was at noon and Pilate was present later that night when Jesus was impaled at 9 p.m. At nightfall it became the day of preparation for the special “high Sabbath” of the 21st , the 7th day of unfermented cakes, which is always a special Sabbath day regardless of the day of the week on which it occurs. In 33 CE, the 21st fell on a Friday. Thus this weekend there were two Sabbaths in a row, that Friday and Saturday. Jesus died at the ninth hour (3 p.m.) that Thursday, Nisan 20th. He was in the grave for three nights (Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night), rising on Saturday night. He appeared for 40 days and then ascended to heaven. Holy Spirit arrived in the upper room just 3 days later. Thus the “mystery” of how Jesus can have a trial at the “sixth hour” and be impaled at the “third hour” is solved, because Jesus’ trial was clearly on a different day than he was impaled. Jehovah’s witnesses are confused only because they have the fixated belief that Jesus must die the same day (within 24 hours) the lambs are killed, so that Jesus fulfills being the “Passover lamb.” But Jesus dying any time during Passover Week would likewise sufficiently fulfill his being the “Passover Lamb.” Of note, Jesus did die on the same type of day (preparation) and at the precise hour (3 p.m.) the lambs were killed.
    • stuckinarut2

      Nice idea, but:

      It is best to keep anything like this short and succinct...otherwise the reader will switch off and not get the main points sadly.

    • Village Idiot
      Village Idiot

      I once did a mass mailing to the apartment complex where I live where most of the tenants are or were JWs. It included an advertisement for the books Crisis of Conscience and The Gentile Times Reconsidered. It got the whole neighborhood (124 apartments) in an uproar.

      That's why the Witnesses keep an eye on me 20 years later.

    • wannaexit
      Nice but too long. Jw are not readers. I would opt for a shorter version. my2cents worth
    • insidetheKH

      @charlie after reading point one...this flyer will go straight into the garbage can,..

    • Village Idiot
      Village Idiot

      CharlieSmith 1975, I suggest the same thing that others here are - keep it very short. One topic, preferably the one on the organization's self glorification including one quote from Russell and one from Rutherford about how they claimed their literature was more important than the Bible and another on about how there was more proof of the date 1925 being the end than Noah had proof of the flood.

      Whatever you send should be no more than a single page with a minimum of words from you. Make the quotes take up most of the sheet.

      Ignore the issue of the correct week of Christ's death - nobody cares.

    • stuckinarut2

      Follow the idea or format that the dumbed down jw tracts now use:

      three questions, three answers, one page...

    • CharlieSmith1975

      Thanks for the suggestions, but some undercover stuff is actually going on here. Basically, there is an underground group of secret anointed ones still active in the organization. It relates to the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins parable. The five wise virgins have the added understanding because they are intensely interested in the detailed things in scripture. The foolish virgins don't have the time and generally don't want to be bothered with the extra work to wake up their brains. So the flier is not for the sleepy, but for the alert. So in sending this out to a lot of congregations in a concentrated area, like in the Los Angeles Area, then some of the secret "wise virgin" anointed will get this information. It's for them and they will then know what to do with the information.

      This is part of the fall of the WTS. The WTS is the "temple" sect. They fulfill the "temple in its right condition" and become God's house. They are like the tribe of Levi in Christendom. Christendom is like the Christian 12 tribes of Israel, which are God's chosen people under the Christian covenant. But one sect would become the temple sect, like the tribe of Levi, which is the WTS. But as the Bible says, the "man of lawlessness" rises up in God's own house, meaning it takes over God's house which is the WTS and thus the GB is actually the MOL. That makes them also the "evil slave" and also the "false prophet." In Revelation the "false prophet" is also the Lamb-Dragon beast that comes out of the earth. The "earth" represents the WTS; the sea represents Christendom. The 666-beast that comes out of the sea is the trinity-believing religions of Christendom. 666=trinity.

      At any rate, this flier confirms to the secret anointed that light and understanding is no longer channeled through the GB but it coming from the "wise virgin" anointed class out here. They need this formula for establishing the true date of Jesus' death and confirming the WTS was kept in the dark by Jehovah on this one.

      But I guess one way the WTS dodges a lot of bullets is simply by remaining dumb and not reading anything, not knowing anything that will shatter their faith. It works! When I talk to some witnesses that is what they do. They refuse to think about it or talk about it and reaffirm that they get all their information from the WTS! They claim if Jehovah is going to correct a false teaching, he will do it through the WTS. So they are already lost. But the elders on up can't escape because they have to defend the organization.

      So in the context of the "great tribulation" possibly occurring after the April 4th eclipse, some will get a hint that they are in a false religion and are about to be destroyed. It's too late to escape now. As I said, the lamb-dragon beast represents the WTS' Governing Body and the 666-Beast represents Christendom. But BOTH of them are killed at the same time in the lake of fire. That's about to happen. PROOF the WTS is apostate is in that flier. It shows the WTS is completely clueless about how Passover works. It's a subtle attack on their worship of the GB. It forces them to choose the Bible or the organization.

    • CharlieSmith1975

      Follow the idea or format that the dumbed down jw tracts now use:

      three questions, three answers, one page... //

      Actually, that is the inherent design. Note I have 8 topics. Note how short the answers are to each topic? Save the last one maybe. All 8 together make for a long discussion but taken individually, each topic is quite short.


      DID Jesus die on a Friday? Per the Bible he is in the grave for three nights and so that means he must die on a Thursday, since if Saturday night, the night he rose, is the third night then the first night must be a Thursday.

      See? Very simple. Just a few words. If you ask a JW "What three nights was Jesus in the grave?" they draw a blank.

      So I can't lose here. It's great!

      Thanks for the suggestions, though.

      But don't forget this will be like Noah's Day. People claiming they are too busy to pay attention and then when they get whacked they will want a second chance. You have to grab the light when it is present. Once the light is gone, there will be just darkness and it will be too late. Showing a lack of interest in getting saved is costly at this point. What is more important right now? This is not the time to not pay attention, especially over just 2 pages?

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