Anyone want to try an experiment?

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    Lady Lee

    I have a couple of answers so far. The words are white on a black background so excuse the red

    I think they're disillusioned and if the Jackson family are Jehovah Witnesses like they claim to be, they are definitely disillusioned.

    I don't honestly know much about what they believe I just know it's not the same as I believe as a born again Christian. Ironically enough, I had this very beautiful woman in a very expensive car come to my door last weekend. She asked me if I know about the time when Jesus will come again and the world will end and I said yes but nothing else. She then said "you probably have your own beliefs on that though," and I said...actually I'm Christian and I believe in the End times and tribulation. I didn't know what she believed until after she left and I looked at the pamphlets she gave me that said Jehovah Witness on them.

    I know nearly nothing about them. All I know is that the guys wear suits all the time n they knock on our door n my dad tells them that we are Cathlioc n they try to talk him into something n he then repeats that we are Cathlioc and solocitation (sp?) isn't permitted on our property. (As if the sign next to the door doesnt say that clearly enough)

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    Great creative experiment. Lee. I'll work on it tomorrow. I have some great sites to ask.

    I just got out of bed cause I couldn't sleep.

    I too am going to start a new thread with something like an experiment, something that everyone can make a reply to. It will be called, The Big Wow, the Big Vow.


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    i have a couple more random responses for you

    i think y'all smell real nice

    this one is interesting

    I know that I can't accept some of its teaching.... the speak of something which is not too same as the real gospel
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    these are too funny, .....these are my favorite so far.

    They don't celebrate Christmas!!! No Christmas would suck balls!
    You are the pricks with no presents right?? I hope that the aliens take you first when we kill ourselves for our cult leader DJdrey.
    i think y'all smell real nice

    I've posted the experiment on a board that discusses Reality Shows. Looks pretty busy, hope I get some answers.


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    wow, replies here were quite honest....and eye opening...

    this seems like a loaded question...

    What info are you looking for? What facts we know about that particular branch of religion or just personal opinions?
    I find them extremely annoying.
    I do not appreciate preachy, overbearing people invading my personal property or my personal air space. If they make the mistake of trespassing onto my property & ringing my doorbell, daring to disturb the blissful serenity of my yoga meditation, I turn the big Rottie loose on them. It is amazing how fast they can run (even in heels!) and how good they are at jumping fences without ever dropping any of their JW pamphlets. Must admit that I am quite impressed by their amazing athletic abilities!
    I personally do not agree with the way they try to "enlist" (lack of a better word this morning) new members. I had an elderly woman come to my home, years ago, with her sick husband. She sat him in my house, a few weeks after he had a heart attack, trying her best to talk me into becoming a Jehovah's Witness. He should have been in bed! He was around 80 years old and she had no buisness having him out like that!! (At that time in my life, I didn't speak up. If that situation presented itself to me today, I would most certainly speak to her about treating her husband in that way)!!

    I personally have hid from them, in the past. If I saw them in the neighborhood, walking with their kids I would close my blinds and not answer my door!!

    I have not had any contact with a Jehovah in years. For whatever reason they do not come to the area of the city I live. I am VERY happy about that!
    I know a really fat, extremely hairy guy that had his own way of dealing with preachy folks. When he saw them coming, he would quickly strip down to his tighty-whiteys. Then, he would open the door wide, revealing himself in all of his hairy splendor, tighty-whiteys hanging down low, while holding a beer in one hand and Playboy mag in the other.
    It sure messed up their preachy pitch.
    Jehovah Witnesses are not allowed to enter Moscow, Russia because of their aggressive tactics. I am sure that there are some wonderful people who are very sincere in their beliefs... but I don't like not having mine respected. If I told them about my beliefs (the people who came to my door) it was as if a debate was on!

    You asked.

    It has all but destroyed 2 of my BIL's 3 children (his ex was a member). The third child is now 11, and we're beginning to see the same problems. I do not consider this "simply a church."


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Keep them coming. I have some more

    As a Christian, I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jehovah's Witnesses do not recognize the Holy Spirit. They believe that by visiting door-to-door they are earning a higher place in heaven. They believed that they are "suffering for the cause" when people are rude or shut the door on their face. They think any kind of celebration, i.e., holidays, birthdays, etc., is wrong. Oh, by the way, if you want them to stop visiting all you have to do is say you're a Christian, Catholic, Baptist, whatever and have no intention of learning another religion. Tell them to put you on their "Do Not Visit" list (they have a list like this). They won't visit for a few months. Then they'll come back once, and ask you if you changed your mind about them visiting...tell them you haven't changed your mind-to put you back on the list, please. They should leave you alone. Try not to argue with them as these people are very well-trained to come up with an answer for anything you might say.

    i think people arn't very educated about them... honestly i dont know much other then when i was younger thier church was down my street, and they were very quiet people(had a family of them that lived on our street i used to see them walking in thier sunday best to church) and knocked on our door trying to sell the word of god to us... i dont have anything against religous groups.. but when i was younger a girl who was a JW used to tell us how we're all her brothers and sisters and how her church was the center of the world and once everyone becomes a JW the world would be one big happy family and she even tried to hug us(yes that stuck with me from easily 15 years ago!) i know this isnt ho all JW's are.... honestly i think the

    I think if they're right, we're all in trouble. Otherwise, interesting folks, always willing to talk and listen. I've never had a bad experience with them. Although, my Aunt, who is now a Jehovah's Witness, does try to give me way too much JW Literature that I find utterly useless. Ah, bless her though, she tries.

    I respect all religious, as a catholic I am ashamed to say though that I don't go to church as often as I should, but I believe that as long as i treat people as I want to be treated, and do no harm. But I don't believe in forcing people in choosing any type of religion. You know within yourself what you believe in and which

    I've got friends and some relatives that are JW's and have even attended a few meetings at Kingdom Hall. I even went to one of their Assemblies and thought it was nice that everyone regarded each other as "brother" or "sister" and was polite. The individuals of some of the Jehovah Witnesses though, well, I guess the best thing to say is that there are good and bad apples in each religion. I don't know what else to say except I don't believe in all that the JW's believe although some of the concepts are good.

    I dont know much about JW, so I cant help you, sorry...

    The day is still young so hopefully I will get some more. It looks like a busy board

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow these answers are amazing. They are so far from what the JWs are told people think of them. I notice not one is even close to scholar's idea of what people think

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    Big Tex

    Brilliant idea LL.

    So what are we up to now, 1 positive, a couple of neutrals and don't knows and the rest are ... umm ... not as rosy as propaganda would have us believe.

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