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  • RichieRich

    Its Richie again.

    I was thinking last night about my inevitable, fast approaching exit from the WTBTS. I guess that out of common courtesy, I will provide a copy of my disassociation letter to my mother, however, it is nothing more than a baptism nullification / gag order / i'll sue all of you letter. Its not one of those lengthy numbers that some have chosen to write. ( I am not frowing on the long thought out, informational DA letters. Its just not my style.)

    Once I leave this organization, I can only assume that that will be the last contact I have with my mother, possibly forever. And, I'm sure that she will be distraught to learn that her son isn't who she thought he was, and she will begin to question what kind of person I really am. Well, this is where you guys come in.

    Many of you have known of me since i first entered this forum. Many of you have expressed to me that in some way, shape, or form, my story has been a source of encouragement / entertainment to you.

    SO, what if I started a thread, and entitled it "Letter to Richie's Mom". In that letter, posters could express their feelings to my mother, and provide her with some sort of closure regarding what sort of person I am.

    Does this sound like a good idea?

    (JGNAT, ITIS, FreedomLover, and others who work towards pulling others out of the truth, or have been pulled out, please respond regarding whether or not you think this would be effective...)

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Good Idea, RR.

    Just what precisely is your reason for leaving? I mean, there are many reasons to go, all of them good ones for the person that exits.

    Although I have read many of your posts, I do not recall the precise reasons you have cited. Knowing that will help you to formulate the reason[s] you have elected to leave. You know your heart the best.

    Good Luck to you


  • carla

    I think that would be a lovely idea as I think you are a fine young man! Your mom is missing out on your intelligence, compassion and wit as well as your wisdom. Yes, even a 17 year old can have wisdom. It saddens me greatly thinking of your impending situation. My kids are aware of you through me and ask about you at times. Your mom may not appreciate all the lives you have touched by your antiwitness attitude and actions but we do! I think your mom should have a record of people who think so highly of you, maybe one day she will again (once she learns everything). Geez, this makes me really sad, it's almost like a eulogy. I'm so sorry for what you know is coming. In my thoughts, carla

  • RichieRich
    Just what precisely is your reason for leaving?

    Funny you should you ask.

    I don't have a reason.

    Sure, the 607, the 1975, the UN, Randcam, it all adds up. But I was leaving before I found that out.

    Back when the people still treated me well, I knew I was gone.

    I guess that I'm just not meant for the society. I don't have the buttons they like to push. We just aren't compatible.

  • freedomlover

    wow Richie, it always amazes me how smart you are.

    I was just asking ITIS the other day, "what's Richie going to do when he turns 18?"

    If a DA letter is the way to go for you then do it.

    As a mom, and not knowing at all what kind of mom you have, I would appreciate my child to let me know how they feel about things. My mom is a cold, bitter, heartless woman and always has been. I have had close friends and family members try to tell her what kind of person I was, and how she was crazy to treat me the way she did, but she didn't listen. I am glad that she's heard those things though. So yeah, you should start a "how great is Richie?" thread!

    I think it would be great to give your mom the heads up as far as your DA letter before she hears it from someone else. I would let her know that you still love her and your dad, and that you will always be there for her if she needs you. Tell her you'd be more than willing to discuss your beliefs if she can do it respectfully and honestly, otherwise it's best to leave that area alone. I really feel for you. You are really brave and so smart Richie. I know when me and all my siblings left home it was hell because of the psycho parents we have. We aren't that far away, and if you need anything don't hesitate to call. you have my number.

    When ITIS told me everything it hurt like hell, but it was so nice to just be so damn honest for once. I would recommend telling her what you think she needs to know, or what she can handle and then leave the ball in her court. I was crazy mad at him at first for putting me in that position to choose, but in the end it was for the best.

    I hope you can state your peace with your mom, even though she probably won't listen.

    A lot of times we don't need someone to agree with us, just to listen to us.



  • greendawn

    You can write that you love her being your mother but the choice of one's religion is a very personal matter and you have the right to decide it because it will affect the rest of yoour life, and you don't believe that being a JW is the best way to succeed in life.

  • freedomlover


    guess that I'm just not meant for the society. I don't have the buttons they like to push. We just aren't compatible

    this is a "good enough" reason to leave.

    it doesn't have to be anything more than this.

    but what is your reason for talking to your mom? do you want her to know why you are leaving or do you want to give her some food for thought? (607, UN, child molesters, etc.)

    if you want to give her some things to think about you may want to expound on your "reasons" for leaving then......

  • RichieRich

    Honestly, I don't think she'll listen to a word I have to say.

    Imagine what she'll be thinking as I walk away--- 18 years down the drain, Long hours in service, late nights reading the Bible toether, Family studies, meetings, conventions, my dad... all that, a complete waste because I refuse to sit in a windowless building 3 nights a week.

    She won't be thinking about the good things I've done.

    Thats the purpose of the "letter" to my mother. To give her a presentation of the facts, just telling her that I've done good things here, and that I am not a baby eating, fire breathing apostate. If someone wishes to eloquently explain to my mother the UN issue, or perhaps the logical fallacies presented in literature, it would be pleasing for me. However, directing her to a website is pointless. She'll never go.

    I'm taking a big chance here folks. She could take it to heart, and this could save her. Or, she could just ball it up, and throw it in the trash.

  • RichieRich

    Can we keep this one close to the top?

  • Mastodon

    I believe it's a good idea. In fact, as a tubby-ex-JW-who's-mom-don't-wanna-talk-to myself, I would write in your behalf.

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