I think they are after me.

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  • Champion

    A friend of mine told me 2 JWs came to her home the other day. They started preaching to her and she said "I am a christian and I read the bible". They said "that's great because that's what were doing is teaching from the bible". My friend then said "but the bible you use is not the same as other bibles". They then asked her what church she goes to. She replied and they then started asking her about me. Thay said doesn't ----- attend that church? They then started telling her personal information about my family and suggesting that I left their "church" because what happened to my mother. They knew I moved from one part of town to another and asked her where I lived now. My friend was shocked and said "I really don't feel comfortable discussing someone elses personal business". My guess is they are coming for me. The joke is I don't give a damn!!!

  • AlmostAtheist
    The joke is I don't give a damn!!!

    If they come a-callin', are you going to deny you were ever baptized and ask them to prove otherwise, like MKR did? That would be awesome!


  • jst2laws


    We have never met so I welcome you to the board.

    Yes, they have your number. But whether or not the boys are after you depends on who came to the friends door. If they were elders, then they are looking for you. But if they were publishers, they may be responding to the rumor mill and doing a little vigilanty work on their own.

    Either way it may only be a matter of time. If they find you all they have to do is ask you the Big Question and they can make the announcement. I'm glad you are emotionally prepared for it, if it happens.


  • skyman

    Don't let them talk to you, do not answer your door, if they call hang up, do not except a certified letter unless you know who it is from. If two Witnesses are out and about do do go near them. Make it as difficult as you can. Never talk to two ELders at one time. Remember they are not trying to help you but to make an exsample for the other members.

  • Champion

    Guys I have been posting along time. My old name was PC. My son crashed our computer before Christmas and when I came back on I no longer had my password. I pmd Simon but never heard anything so I just resigned on and I can't seem to change it back. Anyway .. Dave... My Dad and Brother already say to help themselves.."you were not really babtized because you were so young (I think 11 or so) that you really had no idea what you were doing. just2law ... I never attended where I live now I faded years and years ago. For all I know they could annouce it and I would probably never know. Others have called on me at my new home, but I said nothing to them.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    If those clowns come a calling for you wear a cross and sing Silent Night. It works for me.

  • KW13

    i say talk to them and make it clear that as they stand on one side of the river, you are on the right side.

    Dont try and avoid them if they come, be polite but clear and blunt...witnesses love gossip and stories so don't give them anything to report to friends or anyone else for that matter.

    I hope this advice is helpful.

  • Rooster

    They are waving hello and we are waving goodbye..

  • ladyhawke

    hi guys,

    i am new here and cant beleive what i see here. talking about personal details. it is like have any telmarketing trying to get you "suck in" to their business. i used to be a j.w and left because i felt i needed not to be there anymore.. however gossip about others are very common and very much will get twisted around alot. as we call this "chinesse whisper", it happens in workplace, school, media,.anywhere and people love it because they are getting attention they need to keep going. but leaving the one odd out. this is sad. that why is it very important to say to yourself " i am ok, god accept me as who i am", because he created who i am, so why shouldd i have to change because of this one belief?

    if your happy in yourself, then it is not going to bother others, rather take it serious and get scared of it because it is exactly what they are trying to do so that you would go back!!. say to them next time you see them.. with a humor. oh yeh, did you hear so and so said this about it.. what a laugh, but heartly and honestly, loving way. you wil find this gossip about you will die down if you dont "react" to the situation.

    funnily, they act more of the evil side than anything, in meaning as they are trying to get to get down and say ok ok i wil come back and be save.. before you know it.. it all goes back to number one shit.


  • Dansk



    I'll give you the same advice I give everyone in your shoes - DON'T SPEAK TO THEM!!

    You owe Watchtower nothing! All the two elders or whoever will do is try and collect information to use against you - and they'll count their time! I had two elders visit me and I said I didn't want them coming near my house again; nor did I want any JW coming round and that they were to stay away from my family that had exited! It has worked!!

    Frankly, I'm disgusted that anyone should be asking your neighbour your business!

    It isn't worth getting in conversation with them. Just break free by having absolutely nothing to do with them. Saying nothing means nothing can be used against you.

    Best wishes,


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