next week will be my last week on here................

by Es 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • Es

    for a couple of weeks heheheh sorry i couldnt resist.

    We are moving into a house hooray i cant wait. We have outgrown this two bedroom apartment, now we are moving into a 3 bedroom, two bathroom ,large yard, big kitchen house.

    And then two weeks after that we go to Fiji.

    I will miss you all heaps and will say goodbye next week.

    ya all


  • FlyingHighNow

    I'm so glad you aren't leaving us forever! Sounds like you have enough room for us to come and visit. I just need to save a few thousand dollars. Have fun in Fiji !

  • blondie

    Wonderful, Es. We love our house. Wish I could go with you to Fiji.

    Say hi to my uncle

    And don't forget to do some dancing.


  • Virgogirl

    Wow, Es, you go, girl! So, the second bedroom is the guest room, eh? For your international visiting friends? (winks)

  • misspeaches

    Es you cheeky little thing! I had the shock of my life when I read that.

    I'm moving this weekend to in with my boyfriend. Which is exciting. I haven't got any immediate holiday plans but we are going to the Americas at the end of the year.

    But your holiday is closer so much more exciting!!!

    Have fun - be naughty.

  • Es

    heheh thanks FHN you no i could never leave this board you are so wonderful, will do Blondie i will give your uncle a kiss for ya, no probs virgogirl anybody on this site are welcome to come and visit.

    heheh Miss peaches i just couldnt resist. Oh wow its fun moving in with your boyfriend...enjoy hun. And keep me posted bout your trip hey.


  • skyman

    Good for you

  • Es

    thanks skyman im lookin forward to having a yard for my son


  • jwfacts

    you tease,

    every time i read a heading like that I think oh no and clicik on it to have a look.

  • Golf

    Es, you got room for my wife in your suitcase? She loves to travel, especially places like Fiji. She's been to Hawaii nine or ten times.


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