Do The WTB&TS Really Believe They Have Truth?

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  • prophecor

    Or are they just stringing the rank and file along, getting every ounce of work out of thier constituents, long enough to pull the next rabbit out of the hat?

    Those at the top, don't they see where they've made mistakes? How can they continue in good conscience before the God they profess to serve? They do believe, don't they? Or do they secretly in thier heart know the jig is up?

    How does one continue in living a lie? How much longer do they think the rest of the rank and file will not come to thier senses and see the real deal?

  • Super_Becka

    Good question. I find myself wondering if those in control of the WTS actually believe what they preach or if it's all about money and power for them.

    But then again, as a non-JW, I have a very hard time understanding how anyone can believe what they teach, even though I know that there are millions of people who follow WTS teachings.

    -Becka :)

  • serendipity

    I'm assuming this is about the GB? I think they think they have the truth, or the closest thing possible. Of course, the power they have over people may be quite enticing as well. It wouldn't surprise me if there are one or more persons with truly evil motives.

  • prophecor
    I'm assuming this is about the GB?

    The Governing Body, the writting staff, those within the legal department. Don't they see that they're part of the problem? Do the higher ups have to die completely off before any realistic change can come from the top down?

  • skyman

    I was told by a EX-CO that wrote in a DA letter that he could promiss me that they all know that it is Bull Shyt. He was a CO for amny many years and all the CO he knew knew it was Bull Shyt. He said he could not say that with total conviction as regards the GB but he said the things that he know they had to and either they were the dumb asses of the century or they know as well.

  • Scully

    The WTS wants JWs to believe that they believe. If JWs didn't believe that the WTS believed, they would stop believing... and that belief is at the heart of the WTS's control over JWs. As soon as a JW realizes that the WTS doesn't really believe, then it gives them permission to stop believing too... and then the WTS loses control of that JW.

    Believe it or not!

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I think that a small handful of the GB really do believe it all (the oldest and most ignorant ones). But I honestly think that youngest GB members know that its all bunk. Its likely that nearly all of the rest in the highest echelons know this too.

    They keep the GB and the whole FDS ideas around only so that they can exert control over the rank and file and to exploit them. Many of those in higher ranks initially learn to work with the dissonance because its an alright lifestyle for them. They eventually are so calloused that they see nothing wrong with using others. I believe that a small but powerful portion of those running the ops were always manipulative parasites and knew opportunities when they saw them.

  • jaffacake

    I think...the question is not as simple about believing or not believing "the truth" especially the authority of the FDS. I believe their is a degree of sincerity in all JWs including the Gov Body, or most of its members. But I never cease to be amazed at the ability of the human mind to delude itself and suppress doubts. Many continue in their ways by not thinking too deeply about things, JWs find this easier because of all the buzz words - like apostate - that automatically trigger a subconscious response.

    The local PO who I was studying with admitted, with no witnesses present, in my home, that the FDS does not receive any information from God. I asked why rank & file JWs believed they did, but he would not answer. He stopped visiting me and I was dumped from Bible study - so he must know its all nonsense.

    Then I asked myself why he did not want to discover the real truth - which is my own quest. This PO had become a JW at 12 and the higher he went in the hierarchy, the more status he gained, and stood to lose. Moreover, "where else would he go?" That was the only life he knew. He could not allow himself to face up to reality after all this time. The higher people go, the more they know its false, but by then they have too much to lose - esecially status. Just my observations.

  • Dansk


    Thanks for the pm!

    Great questions here. I believe the Watchtower has formed an "animal" that just keeps moving along and is even beyond the GB's control. The best thing those oldies can do - and they know it - is to die off because they will not have to face the expose and, more importantly, once the real truth is known, the wrath of all the disappointed JWs who have spent their lives serving the animal.

    The GB members know they have little time left. Most are nearing the grave so it will be left to the younger, newly appointed ones to face the flack. Once a combined lawsuit is successful and Watchtower loses its billions I wonder how safe individual high-ranking members will be? Will they be able to be sued?! And what about elders? I've suffered immense pain at the hands of some of them, as many others have, and it wouldn't surprise me if some people would like to exact revenge. Personally, I'm not after revenge, but I do long for justice.

    I truly believe many JWs don't think they have the truth anymore but, as we know, they are controlled by the cult and their own egos. It is going to be extremely difficult for them to show humility.


  • flyphisher
    I think they think they have the truth, or the closest thing possible.

    I believe they are in doubt. They are waiting for an inspiration through Jehovah and his angels - personally.

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