How many actually watched or owned adult material when they were Witnesses?

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  • prophecor

    And that's the name of that tune!!!

  • TheListener

    I don't know if anyone cares but I've known several elders & ministerial servants (and that means more than a dozen) that viewed adult video and adult magazines with their spouses. This isn't a localized event either. You'd be surprised (well, many of you wouldn't) of the type of discussions and jokes and conversations that occur between the appointed brothers. It's that view behind the curtain that can really cause mental anguish.

    The viewing of adult material is ok as long as you confess several years after the fact and are still in good standing.

  • Elise

    Hellrider, it doesn't matter whether a person is raised as a JW or not. To be baptised as an adult is a conscious choice. To readily accept a position of trust and power is a matter of choice. To abuse that trust and power is also a matter of choice. To be flippant about it is a matter of choice. Turning bad choices around and blaming them the Jehovah's Witnesses and their beliefs, is again, a matter of choice.

  • Elise

    Hi Honesty. No, I'm not a JW at all, but I was born into a family of which some are still JW's.

  • skyman

    I have several Elder friends that send me porn emails all the time, at least once a week. I send them out to them all the time too, I was an Elder at one time. One Elder friend is a PO in the local congregation. I think big deal they are only human, it is better for them to view porn than to cheat on their wives. I know some will say that is cheating, I say get a life and grow up. Tell king Daved to give up his harem of cocubines. Elise I bet you are a person with low self esteem a jealous person. I have seen way to many JW family destoyed by jealousy. You have sisters all the time telling the Elders my husband did this, and this, by the way, I caught him once looking at porn, as if that justified her find fault with her husband. As an ELder, The brothersby the way usually never said my wife looks at porn, We would ask have you ever caught your wife watching a bad sex seen, or reading romance books, without fail we allways had a yes. The difference the sisters used porn as a way to tell on their husbands and justify leaving them, or hating them, when that was not the problem The problem most of the time was the person in the mirror.

  • Elise

    Skyman, you have no idea about me. You are very wrong. What on earth has all the jealousy got to do with anything? Do you really think you should be sending pornographic emails to those elders? As elders they should not be engaging in this sort of behaviour. By encouraging them, you are stooping to their deceitful level. Skyman, this is NOT about reading playboy or penthouse or even watching Debbie does Dallas, this is about personal integrity and taking resonsibility for our own actions.

  • skyman

    I am so glad Jehovah does the judging and not you. I have a question for you. Did the Kings have the right in your eyes to Blank any un-married woman they wanted. The kings use to have naked girls sleep with them to keep the king warm.

  • stillajwexelder

    And I suppose, Auldsoul, it was the Holy Spirit that interpreted all of stillajwexelder's exclamation marks for you. You can justify his flippancy about being a significant person in a religious organisation (we are all according to scripture supposed to be equal in Gods eyes -there is no rank -JWs distort scripture ) by turning it around and blaming the religion as being based on false beliefs, but at the end of the day, stillajwexelder must have known he was not being guided by the Holy Spirit when he accepted the position as elder (and I still know that holy spirit does not appoint elders etc -even though the WTBTS claim it does) just as he knew that, with the position he held, it was not right for him to read porn. (But then why on the admittance of the WTBTS are 40,000 DFd each year - the vast majority for immorality surely they knew it was not right for them

    It was his choice - his choice to become a JW (TRUE) , his choice to be an elder (TRUE) , his choice to read porn (TRUE), his choice to be flippant about it. NOT TRUE - It may sound flippant but I was proving the point that HOLY SPIRIT DOES NOT APPOINT ELDERS

  • doofdaddy

    Good on you Stilla

    I thought the point was clear.

    Maybe it's because we were witnesses and the "old boy" system ran strong in the elder body that we can laugh now. It was'nt a laughing matter when I was a jw and an ms and watched the politicing and arse kissing that went on amongst the "elder" body in every cong I attended.

    For Elise's sake, my mantra post jws is personal responsibility. I don't need a god or guru to take my human decision making/responsibility away


  • skyman

    Elise you might be surpised by this if you are in the big bioy crowd and you are younger than 50 the Elders party hard they are different with the rest of the BORG because they do not think the rest of the Borg can be trusted. That is a fact in every congregation I have served in. Once the you go to a new congregation the younger Elders figure out if you are to stiff neck ELder then if you are not you are in. Then the Elders and thier wives party hard, drink tell dirty jokes, and yes send dirty emails. I have been in many congragtions and they are all the same. If you think they are not then you are fooling yourself. I am friends with some of the biggest brothers in the curcuit and they are all like this!!!!!!!!!! The brothers love the Borg and are hypocrite. I hate the brothers that do one thing then DF someone for what they do. I was know as the Elder that was forgiving. The CO would put me in Judical meetings to balance out the Hitler Elders. Don't tell me l was a hypoctite if it was not for these type of Elders the Society would be in a worse situation than they are now. These type of Elders may someday change the Borg making it friendlier BORG. THe borg need more of these type of Elders they see that people are human and want the BORg to change. It is the stiff necked Elders that one has to worry about.

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