My D/f appeal meeting went amazingly, but the still want to d/f me

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  • 4JWY

    Thank you for the example of being courageous, firm, and bold!!

    My prediction: You will be a mentor to many and save lives.

    All the best to you,


  • Narkissos

    Thank you jwfacts, and congrats.

    This brought back a lot of memories.

  • lisaBObeesa
    What they had to do to prove it was mine was paste together a number of comments of mine from JWD, my site, Wikipedia and an internet registry site, I was impressed with the lengths they had gone to and had to laugh with them at the great job they had done.

    So they ARE here! I hope they had a good read while they were here and learned some JW FACTS. Once here, it might be hard to leave, so perhaps they are still here!

    Hello, out there!


  • rowan

    Thank you so much for sharing this

  • Balsam

    Good going, your words will ring in those Elders ears for the rest of their life. You will be the one to help many as they leave the WTS, just as all of us reach out to others who brave the Elders and leave. You will be the force of good in exposing this cult that held us so long. Sorry the Baptism Nullification letter didn't work.

    Your truely free now. A sister I've been working with sent in her disassociation letter. She is free too now as are so many who gradually do their research.

    Glad you spoke up on the blood policy the more is said in JC meetings the more it will knock down their defences.

    Warm hugs,


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    jwfacts said "yet I was still able to control the direction of the meeting for the entire session. " good for you. as i posted on your last thread about this meeting. 6 wt zombies.against one informed man is NO CONTEST. i know you feel much better. standing up to them. from your account. it sounds like you ,had them stumbling around like a half dozen spritual drunkards. you laid it on the line with them. trust me they are scared shit of you and your knowledge. even if you never try to sue them. i would keep up the pressure every time you see one of them in public and imbarrass them. on the street. jwfacts your a honest man. and there is nothing better, for your conscience than to stand fast for TRUTH. YOUR FELLOW WATCHTOWER EXPOSER. JOHN
    "I know 4 of the elders and none of them are alpha males. Taking the high moral ground is the best idea, and i think I can be the alpha male while staying respectful, I am quite gentle but strong and it deceives people into letting their guard down" GREAT POINT JWFACTS. YOU USED YOUR KNOWLEDGE. TO BE THE ALPHA MALE. YOU OUT GUNNED ALL 6 OF THEM . WITHOUT EVEN SHOWING YOUR TEETH. I TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE EASY.

  • atypical

    Good job, man. My hat's off to you for being brave enough to go to that meeting and say your piece.

    Are you going to pursue anything legal with them? Keep us posted.


  • peacefulpete

    kudos for the effort. It also brough memories back for me as well. Kangaroo courts, the decision was already made and they were only there to fullfill a legal obligation for internal review revealing whether church procedure had been followed so as not to be open to suit.

    In US the only real precedents for successfully sueing clergy for harm caused by shunning or humiliation is if the churches own rules are disregarded.

    If they really believd that HS was guiding judicial committees then there would be no appeal process.

  • sf
    I was feeling extremely nauseus and dizzy

    Darn, I thought it might have been from those gassy foods I suggested you eat before the meeting. I knew you would chicken out! LOL

    It had been considered by the bethel service department and due to the length of time I had been baptised and that I had signed other contracts with the WTS, such as becoming a pioneer they could not annul it.

    As I've long said, baptism IS a contract.

    I corrected them and said they had no choice but to follow WTS rules.

    Yet, you had a choice. And you chose to let the WT rules, rule you by going to that meeting.

    I just want to be left alone free from WTS harassment.

    Well darlin', weds nailed it in her post. You allowed them to harrass you, by going to the meeting.

    I'm just relaying my comments/ feedback about the choice you made, after considering, hopefully, all posts in this thread to be harrassed and ruled, once again, by the WT.

    I'm not trying to be harsh or judgmental. Just basically trying to figure out why so many people give this fradulent organization so much of their inner strength and power.

    WED, I think your post should one of the "best of" posts.


  • 4JWY


    For you, attending that meeting felt right. At least you spoke your mind in a way that some are afraid to.

    I personally would not have attended any such meeting, showing them that they have no authority over me whatsoever. When an elder came a calling to our door, we told him forthrightly that we do not go by their rules anymore.

    They've not attempted to make contact with us since. We are not df'd nor would we ever consider da'ing.


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