Sign of the "end times" and earthquakes....Connection?

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  • hubert

    I have "Google Earth", free version, and was scrolling around Los Angeles, California with it and happened to have the "Earth Quake" layer mode on, and when I set my altitude for around 16 miles up, I saw where it showed "tons" of earthquakes registered on the map, by way of a red circle. Most of these red circles, when clicked on them, showed an average of 2.5 to 4.2 reading, and a date year of 1994.

    I remember reading this week, about how the Watchtower used to say that Earthquakes were a sign that the "end is near", and so I'm wondering if it was around the time that all these quakes were happening in California in 1994?

    Also, was this the year that membership peaked in the U.S.?

    If you have or want the free version of Google Earth, and your computer can support it, here's the link for it, below.

    Once you download Google Earth, Look at the lower left of the screen, and find "layers"...scroll up to find "Earthquakes", and click on it, to show the check mark. Then, go to top left, click on the white space and type in van nuys ca in the box, then click on the light blue square, and wait till it loads. The link that I gave might already show Van Nuys, Ca. Go just north of Van Nuys, by clicking on map, holding, and drag map down, to show you above Van Nuys. Look for the + and - signs at the bottom. click on these to bring the view "in or "out. for altitude height. Bring it up to around 16 miles. (Look at the very bottom OF THE MAP ONLY and you'll see the "alt" sign. = altitude.

    This is so cooll !!!

    Oh, and don't forget my questions. Thanks.


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  • jwfacts

    Earthquakes are one of the great cons of the WTS to support their time of the end theory. The Watchtower has lied about the frequency of earthquakes in the past to attempt to prove the 1900s had the most earthquakes ever. In reality there are large earthquakes daily, and have been constantly for thousands of years.
    I have an article at
    I am quite passionate about this as earthquakes were to me a statistical proof that the witnesses were the true religion. 12 months ago when the Tsunami happened on Dec 26th 2004 i did some research on earthquakes and the dishonesty of the Watchtower on this subject was what started me on the path to total realise that I had based my entire life on misinformation from a misleading organisation.

  • ed9991

    " Tremors" do not always refer to literal earthquakes. They refer to social unrest. So earthquakes are not really an issue for this prohecy.


  • ColdRedRain

    If the writers of the bible wanted to say "social unrest" they would say "social unrest" or "tremors of uneasyness amongst the people".

    You're just twisting the intended meaning to suit your own beliefs.

  • stillajwexelder

    March 22nd Awake 2002 - they have now admitted there has been no increase in Earthquakes since 1914

  • skyman

    Just watched a program about Earthquakes and in the program it stated that the earth is quieter right now than any other time on earth for 100 of thousands of years. So I made a search and guess what it is true. Earth quakes are less than any other time for the earth. It is hard to know how many there have been in the past so the scientist havwe went down through known zones and have found we have been quiet not the increase.

  • serendipity

    Hi ed999, welcome to the forum!

  • stillajwexelder

    yes welcome ed999 to the forum

  • hubert
    March 22nd Awake 2002 - they have now admitted there has been no increase in Earthquakes since 1914

    Thanks, everyone.

    Stilla, was there any Watchtower article in the past issues that stated earthquakes WERE a sign of the end ? I just check out your link, jwfacts. You answered my question. Thanks.


  • Woodsman

    I thought the Awake 2002 article was pretty big and under reported. It is more WTS new light. Having to face facts in a world where they are available to anyone. The USGS website clearly states earthquakes are not increasing. Sorry WTS but fudging statistics can't change that.

    They lost ones of their signs. If they would only admit that the earth's population is exploding because wars, famines and pestilences are NOT wiping out masses of humans they could enjoy some reality for a change.

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