Anyone take up smoking after leaving the borg?

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  • Crumpet

    Well said Hellrider - I hope you succeed and yes your bro is an utter twally!

  • tijkmo

    see i can understand a young person being pressured by peers to smoke...either as a jw or not

    but adults

    you're kidding right?

  • Ellie

    If the guy was a witness all his life I can easily see why he took up smoking at 27, just a way of proving to himself that he is in control.

  • AlmostAtheist
    But a pipe is for some reason. But I doubt I would have a habit there, but no one ever knows.

    If you can stick to a pipe, you're safe. They are a pain to load, a pain to keep lit, smoke for a short time before they need some sort of molly-coddling, and are a pain to clean to the point where they are smokable again. If I could've kept to a pipe, I'd've quit long ago -- from exhaustion!


  • Hellrider
    If the guy was a witness all his life I can easily see why he took up smoking at 27, just a way of proving to himself that he is in control.

    I think that`s exactly what it was. Right after his divorce and DFing, he was quite a partyboy for a while. And smoking was part of it. Ironic, isn`t it. Trading in one slavemaster for another... (well, who am I to talk, but atleast I was around 20...)

  • Undecided

    Smoking is nasty. Have you looked at the paint in homes where people smoke? It turns a yellow, brownish color. My friend next door smokes all the time in my rent house and it ruined his computer. I took it apart and the tar from his smoking had clogged up the cooling fans, along with the lent. You couldn't brush it off, you have to scraped it of with a knife. I can only imagine what his lungs look like inside. When he moves out I'll have to wash the walls and repaint. So you can understand why I don't let anyone smoke in my house, my step-kids have to go out on the pourch to smoke, along with anyone else who visits. Just my view on smoking.

    An interesting comment I heard when I went out with my smoking buddy at a mall so he could smoke. A guy said that smoking would just keep him from having to stay too long in a nursing home when he got to be an old man.

    Ken P.

  • ButtLight

    Yes, I picked up the nasty habit when I was 18. Quit here and there when I was pregnant, but always started back up. Still smoking now. But I would love to quit. I have tried several times with no luck.

    One thing I dont like about it, is it controls your life. I cant go enjoy a movie, cause I want a smoke in the middle of it!!!! Or sitting in a non smoking restraunt? Going on trips with people who dont smoke? (which is coming up soon lol) I went to lunch the other day at a brew pub. We went about 12:30. I ordered a beer, and was about to light up, and see a sign. NO smoke till 2:00 pm! Getting yelled at in the school parking lot cause I lit one up in my own car! (no smoking on school property) It would make my life easier if I would just quit!

  • Jamelle

    I took up smoking before leaving the borg. That was one of the things I got "tattled" on for.

    It started as a social thing. Most of my co-workers smoked and took multiple smoke breaks during the day. I gradually started joining them outside and my habit grew from there. Altogether I smoked for 5 years. I varied between 4 cigs a day up to a pack a day - just depended on where I was and how stressed I was.

    Smoking was also something I did in defiance of my upbringing - Witnesses disapprove of smoking - well baby, light me up!

    Then one day I had a thought, my "defiance" was going to ruin my health. I decided that the Witness faith had done enough to mess with my life and that it was time to quit. I was lucky and was able to stop cold-turkey.

    Once every 6 months or so I might smoke one or two with a girlfriend of mine who still hasn't kicked the habit. But it never makes me want to start up again.

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    I took up smoking, I've gone on to the roll-ups now, I get baccy cheap in Spain. I have also been known to drink to excess at times, although I have regretted it the following morning! I've tried dope on occasions you need to be in the right company as sitting giggling in the corner on your own can be embarrassing! I haven't coveted thy neighbours wife though, she's 70 something, so i'm not that bad.

    This is my first post by the way, I have been out of the mind control for 14 years. I look forward to chatting to you all.

  • Ellie

    Hi Mark, welcome to the forum

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