Did you criticise/expose the WTS after leaving?

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  • Narkissos

    I was certainly convinced the WT was wrong when I was df'd for "apostasy" 20 years ago, but I was never very much interested in fighting against it. My "conversion," in many ways, was a conversion from "activism," and I felt like moving on and pursuing my own spiritual path in another context. Of course I answered the many questions I was asked -- wrote a few articles and made a few conferences on JWs -- but I quickly became tired of that. Only in the last few years with Internet access and some more free time I got involved with xJW boards such as JWD and enjoyed them. I guess I needed to revisit this important (and almost forgotten) part of my life. I'm very happy if I can be helpful to current JWs / lurkers sometimes but that won't make me an anti-WT militant.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    This is the very reason that the WBTS warns the rank-n-file JDub to avoid apostates and paints them as pure evil. The WBTS knows that ex-JDubs or apostates are aware of their lies and will feel a moral obligation to inform others regarding the dangers of this cult. Therefore they must vilify us and condem us to protect themselves. All in the name of almighty God! Now that takes balls my friends.

  • kls

    I left because I became an apostate and I expose the WTBTS every chance I get.



  • garybuss

    I walked away in 1974. I was a believing walkaway until 1992 when I read Crisis Of Conscience. Witnesses shunned me when I was a Witness but they didn't snub me until 1992. I didn't go public until the Witnesses took my son out of the hospital against medical advise in January of 1995. I went extremely public after that. :-)


  • Spectrum

    Nope, too worried about eternal damnation. Not an issue now though.

  • Honesty
    Did you criticise/expose the WTS after leaving?

    No. I only tell the truth about them.

    That may be why some of the locals on the Servant Body call me an apostate.

  • Laney

    Even though I've never been a JW(just the partner and stepmother of one), I've studied the cult for a long time. I'm pretty outspoken on what they are doing wrong. Just last night I gave my next door neighbor lots of info about the changing blood doctrines, UN association, Custody case perjury and misquoting of texts to support the no trinity doctrines. She has recently reunited with an old school friend who has become a JW, and being a Christian herself has got into a few debates with the JW. I just wanted to arm my neighbor with some ammunition for her next round of arguing.

  • LittleToe

    Indirectly, because I'm too busy walking my own spiritual path. Since the JWs won't interact with me I arm the local populace, mainly in the form of a variety of church groups and anyone else who'll listen.

  • Dansk

    I've always been ready to condemn the JWs to anyone who is interested in listening - just as I would condemn cruelty to children and animals. In other words, I wouldn't go out of my way just to lambast the JWs - I've more important things to do - but I associate Watchtower as being as dangerous to the health of people as cruelty is to children and animals.

    When I first exited friends and neighbours wanted to know why, so I told them. They were shocked at some of my revelations, but not surprised that I exited under the circumstances of my revelations. Much good came out of it as no one down my end of the street will entertain the JWs. They've seen what the Org has done to my family and my neighbours are prepared to defend me.


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