Within Our Lifetime Again?

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  • daniel-p

    Well I've already read the Feb 1st and 15th WT's and there is no mention of this generation or "reader" seeing the end. There is a basic comment about it being "soon" but that's about it. Oh yeah, and the study articles in the Feb 15th are enough to make you vomit....

  • zagor

    Could it be in a way how German version was translated??

    I've seen some of those guys in translation departments’ elsewhere and was always amazed how they managed to translate into some of those languages with only a partial knowledge of the language.

  • yaddayadda

    This is a storm in a teacup. Sorry but that comment in the Watchtower is nothing. Nearly every Watchtower article has some comment that is far more obvious that this that says, either overtly or subtly, that the end is 'near', 'at hand', 'close', 'soon'. Next thread please.

  • Cordelia

    peacefulpete and bluesbrother, the scrip i was referring to is in matt_24:22 'in fact unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.

    as blondie showed in wt97 8/15 pp14-15 they do refer that to the annointed still being on earth when armagadon comes because they will be undergoing alot of persecution jeh will bring the end. so when people left coz of the generation thought being changed i never understood it coz if you go off what they say that scrip means then the annionted will still be alive when armagadon comes!

    So in view of how old they all are now i figured it wasnt a surprise how that scrips not mentioned anymore, and i just won dered if they'd changed the meaning on that too!!!

  • Euphemism

    Here's the part that gets me: if they say "within your lifetime" to a large audience, what does that actually mean? Does it mean the lifetime of the 80-year-olds who probably won't live another 10 years? Or does it mean the lifetime of the 5-year-olds who could easily live another hundred years (considering how medical technology keeps improving)? It's so vague it's meaningless.

  • blondie

    February 1, 2006 WT (Damage control by the WTS because the end is so long in coming)

    p 7, last PP,

    "for God's new world just ahead."


    p. 17, PP 5

    "Jehovah knows precisely the best time to act for the benefit of all concerned, and he patiently waits for that time to come."

    p. 18, PP 6

    "not easy to wait"

    "Thus, when people do not swiftly fulfill their promises, others may conclude that they do not intend to.:

    "give way to doubt and discouragement"

    p. 19, PP 11

    "wait patiently for the salvation he will bring, never concluding that he is slow in fulfilling his promises."

    "God knows the best time"

    p. 19 PP 13

    "Isaiah patiently declared Jehovah's warnings messages for no less than 46 years!"

    p. 20 PP 14

    "he endured for decades" (jeremiah)

    (Remember that just a few weeks ago, the WT said that Hosea endured for 59 years (not 58 not 60 but 59)

    Second article

    p. 23 PP 5

    "But they did not know how thorough a witness would be given, and they did not know when the end would come. Neither do we. These are matters for Jehovah alone to determine."

    "When the witness is given to Jehovah's satisfaction, he will bring an end to this wicked system of things. Only then will Christians discern that the preaching work has been accomplished to the extent Jehovah purposed."

    p. 26 PP 20

    We still do not know to what extent a witness will be given to the nations, nor do we know the day and the hour when the end will come. We only know that it will be soon."


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