Within Our Lifetime Again?

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    "Well, you know, it weally could happen folks!!!"


  • blondie
    see "how" Christ

    Ann, yes the insertion of "how" does fundamentally change the intent.


  • Honesty
    Preaching beyond one generation doesn't make sense.

    Sure it does. It is called recurring revenue.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Everyone that has become a JW (or Bible Student) has thought that THEY would see the great conclusion of all thigns. They forget that ALL CHRISTIANS have been waiting for the same things the last 1900 years. Even the apostles thought it would be in their lifetime.

  • BluesBrother

    I am sure that the teaching was that Noah preached for forty years , although he was given 120 years notice of the flood.

    As for comments in the WT as to the time of the end..I think that the readership can become over anxious to find prophecies that are not there. It always soon , really soon and has been for a long time. Since the removal of the 'generation' thing, I have seen nothing that looked like a foretold date.

  • BluesBrother

    Cordelia....... I have no c/d rom disc tonight but I think you refer to Rev. 7.3

    ""Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees until after we have sealed the slaves of god in their foreheads"

    The Rev Climax book [1988] said ,p115.

    "The sealing began at Pentecost.........Thus when these slaves are adopted as spiritual sons they receive a token in advance of their heavenly inheritance................................That testing and sifting of the remaining spirit begotten sons of god must go on until Jesus and his angels will have firmly implanted the seal in the forehead of all those , identifying them conclusively irrevocably as tried and faithful sons of God.. Evidently, when the four winds of the tribulation are unleashed all of spiritual Israel will be sealed in finality.

    So ...until the big A is unleashed, Jehovah is apparently not certain of the remnant ones.

    PS I have not heard about this lately either..

  • blondie

    BluesBrother, it has been mentioned:


    w98 3/1 p. 12 Festival Milestones of Israel’s History ***

    The final sealing of the remaining ones of 144,000 anointed ones draws near


    w97 8/15 pp. 14-15 Living for Today or for an Eternal Future? ***

    Consider the text at Revelation 7:1, 3, which says that the "four winds" of destruction are held back "until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads." This is not referring to the initial sealing, which takes place when those of the 144,000 receive the heavenly calling. (Ephesians 1:13) It refers to the final sealing, when they are irrevocably identified as tried and faithful "slaves of our God." The number of genuine anointed sons of God surviving on earth is greatly diminished. Furthermore, the Bible clearly states that it is "on account of the chosen ones" that the opening phase of the great tribulation will be "cut short." (Matthew 24:21, 22) Most of those professing to be of the anointed are quite elderly. Again, would this not indicate that the end is close at hand?


    w95 2/15 p. 20 "Have No Fear, Little Flock" ***

    ) Since this work of sealing spiritual Israel is evidently far along, exciting events soon to happen are portended. For one thing, "the great tribulation," when the four winds of destruction are let loose upon the earth, must be very near.—Revelation 7:14

  • Praetorian101

    I just had a visit and I told them the real truth straight up and as nice as possible. It made them think, it shocked them into some kind of reality check .... it dont like hurting people by destroying their dreams ... but it had to be done ... It's a simple fact that proves the watchtower and the faith is nothing but childrens dreams. And what was this simple fact? Why pure logic and maths ... you see the "TRUTH" has been preached for over 100 years now and to a lot of people (or so it seems) so the end days must be on the door step right ?... wrong - the "TRUTH IS" is that it's taken over 100 years to get this far and they haven't even scratched the surface of countries like CHINA and NORTH KOREA who do not tolerate any religion at all. (I speak from experience after living there). They tolerate nothing. So maybe in about another 100 or 200 years after they have managed to individually speak to over 2 billion people - yeah - 2 BILLION (not to mention over coming the language barriers of over 20 dialects of Mandarin, Wu, Min, Xiang, Gan, Hakka, Jin, Hui, Ping, Cantonese, etc ... Just maybe they might dare to say the preaching work is really done in "all the inhabited earth" and then the end will come. Can you now see the folly of it all. How simple the real truth is. Paradise delayed? DEFINATELY. What a folly.

  • serendipity

    Hi praetorian,

    Welcome to the forum! Who just visited you? Was it elders or just regular Jehovahs Witnesses at your door?

  • Praetorian101

    From the way they conducted themselves it was probably an elder and a new publisher - because it seemed knock one more than the other. The elder stood behind - said nothing - but "thanks for your time." The one who was offering some tract (didnt bother to study it) - was speechless. I think what i said should become policy. I mean wow! - what a door stopper!. Thanks for reading the post. I'm off to work.

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