see any good movies lately?

by lucifer 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • DanTheMan

    I was disappointed with The Island. The cinematography was so heavily stylized, and the product placements so frequent and obvious, that the whole thing seemed like a big commercial. Scarlet Johannsen sleepwalked through it too, just a pretty face and not much else. They didn't give her much to work with, which is why she should have turned down the role.

    Kung Fu Hustle was pretty lame too. I thought it was supposed to be slapstick kung-fu, and it did have a couple of sorta funny scenes but it wasn't what I expected.

    So, I guess my answer is, no, I haven't seen any good movies lately! :)

  • stillAwitness

    Wasn't Lucifer a demon from somewhere????

    Anyway, Jarhead with jake Gyllenhall and Jamie Fox was alright but the book is much better.

  • stillAwitness

    Oh come on Dan! The Island was great. Aside from the fact that the guy took me to go see it had some killer breath it was a great movie. Totally ties in with the WT and I could tottally relate to it.

    Anyone know the name of the author who wrote the book?

  • lucifer

    lucifer is either the devil or jesus, depends how you look at it i guess lol, did any one see brokeback mountain? that would be an interesting film

  • HadEnuf

    I liked Narnia better than Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter movies. Memoirs of a Geisha was great...but had to go alone since the hubster doesn't care for chick flicks. Also loved Cinderella Man if you can get past the boxing brutality. Just got done with my Brad Pitt marathon...River Runs Through It; Troy; Legends of the Fall; Seven, Seven Years in Tibet and some other ones I can't remember at the moment. Will wait for King Kong and Pride & Prejudice to come out on DVD. So many movies; so little time. mumsy

  • Seeker4

    Movies I've seen recently that I like:

    Fingersmith (shocker twist in the middle of this!)

    Polar Express

    March of the Penguins

    Cinderella Man


    My girlfriend and I rented Michael over the weekend, an older film written by Pete Dexter and starring John Travolta that we both loved, and enjoyed it all over again. It says a great deal that JWs could use!


  • Mulan

    I watched "The Dukes of Hazzard" on the airplane last night. Stupid, stupid movie. I quit watching before it was over. I had a little digi thing they give you on the plane (for $10), and it had several movies, but I had seen many of them. Most were kid's movies. I started to watch Sky High, but didn't get to finish. We were landing and had to turn them in.

    The main movie in the cabin was "Just Like Heaven" with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. It was a good movie. I enjoyed it very much.

  • lola28

    Just saw the Family Stone this weekend, it was a good movie, but then again it did have Luke Wilson in it so I would be calling it a good movie even if it was crap.


  • MegaDude

    For bawdy comedy, "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "The Wedding Crashers" are out on DVD and they are both quite funny.

  • Navigator

    Pride & Prejudice was o.k., but not as good as the A&E version. Narnia was excellent. I think even C.S. Lewis would have been pleased, not withstanding the fact that he resisted the concept of a movie while he was alive. I thought Second Hand Lions was the best film I have seen in a long while.

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