Seriously though, how CAN the WTBTS Book Publishing Corp...

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  • sf

    ...stop the information that the marvelous tool the internet provides all who seek its inner workings?

    What will they actually be able to DO about the momentum of facts, backed by documents and other evidence, that seem to be gaining at a faster pace these days?

    Would they, could they actually hear a miraculous voice that of jehovah telling them that the internet is a tool of satan and then produce a scripture the flock would see as divine guidance through the gb, thus through a new article {new light} that they must give it up completely?

    Wait, they already have that. Several actually. LOLOLOL AND a website! {slaps knee silly}

    Are they going to spend the donations on keeping info off the net and out of sight of all jws?

    How do YOU see this playing itself out?


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I seriously think that the internet has become the same to the WTS as book publishing was to the Catholics whilst they were still trying to keep the Bible out of the vulgar tongues of the people. They did not succeed - and neither will the WTS.

    The diff was that in those days they Catholic religion was the only game in town. Today the scene has changed. The WTS will eventually confess or bleed out. I think they will bleed out.


  • jeeprube

    It is evident that the WTS is terrified. Their entire message last year was to be obedient. I don't think they can survive the internet, without changing.

  • AuldSoul

    They cannot change significantly on the issues that are most damaged by the Internet without losing almost everyone, which will be the eventual result anyway, if they don't change.

    They have already been killed by the Internet, information doesn't die as long as SOMEONE has it in digital format. They are about to be visited by old ghosts from days of yore—to my delight! The worst part of it is...if they read this they will know ahead of time.

    Easily accessible information is only one (MASSIVELY important) thread of the Web they are entangled in.


  • Woodsman

    The internet is the term we use to describe the technology. The danger to the WTS is the knowledge that is available via the internet.

    I don't think they will survive. At least not as the WTS we see today.

    There are many examples of the WTS rsponding to their critics in the pages of their literature. In the past only the critics knew it was a "response". Now however, because of the spread of knowledge all can see the challenge made and wait to see the WTSs response. This will educate many as to how the WTS operates.

    Since the debate is now public the WTS will have to adapt to publicized facts rather them keep them secret.

    Take earthquakes.

    This is some of what the WTS used to say about quakes:

    *** w61 10/15 p. 628 The Time for God’s Kingdom to Come ***

    Significantly, since 1914 there have been more major earthquakes than in any previous period of similar length in recorded history. Since 1948 the pattern has entered a new phase, with approximately one great quake a year."


    w69 2/1 p. 69 The Meaning of Present World Distress ***

    And major earthquakes have continued to take place with unusual frequency since then.


    w74 2/1 p. 73 Earthquakes Affect Everyone ***



    One way to prove clearly that the generation since 1914 is unusual as far as earthquakes are concerned is to consider how many deaths they have caused.


    w75 10/15 p. 634 How We Know God’s Government Will Take Control Soon ***

    But in recent years earthquakes have increased in frequency.

    *** w78 1/15 p. 10 A Kingdom "Sign" Fulfilled ***Truly, earthquakes have abounded since 1914—as part of the "sign."

    This what the WTS now says since knowledge that earthquakes are NOT increasing is widely available at the USGS website for example .

    *** g02 3/22 p. 9 Earthquakes, Bible Prophecy, and You ***Note, though, that the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy does not require an increase in the number or power of earthquakes.

    So the WTS changes in response to widely available knowledge. Not as fast as they should but they will be forced to change rather than ridiculous even to the R&F.

    I would imagine other doctrinal changes are soon to follow. Given enough time I think the WTS will move toward a more mainstream org. In order to keep members control will gradually loosen and knowledge will not be denied.

  • garybuss

    The Watch Tower Society only operates in a sealed environment. The seal has been broken. In the Western countries, only the socializers, the defectives, the mentally ill, the senile, and the predators will stay. The social Witnesses are not vulnerable to information or disconfirmations like the failed generation of 1914 prophecy. They only respond to a social setback.

    The hostages are the children of Witness parents. I ache for them.

  • sf
    The hostages are the children of Witness parents

    Very profound and sadly, true.


  • AuldSoul

    Amen, GaryBuss.

    We need to liberate them...

  • IronClaw

    Excellent post Woodsman.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    Free Speech is their enemy.

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