Do you feel 'Disconnected' since leaving the borg?

by AK - Jeff 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Wifey reminds me often that we were never really 'connected' in the organization. I think someone used the right expression when calling what we had in the organization a 'security blanket'. There is no real security in it, but it makes you feel warm and cozy.

    Ozzie - much agreed. I wish we had understood the depth of hatred we would spurn when leaving. Having prepared a direction would have helped. That said we are doing well though, especially considering the place we were in two years back, and then a year ago. We are healing. The 'blank page' of touchtone history is sliding more to the background for us.

    Time is a great healer. So many here have been a great part of that. Thanx.

    As we drift thru the phases of grief associated with leaving what we thought was 'truth', it is good to share the shoulder of those who understand and to lend our own.


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