Do you feel 'Disconnected' since leaving the borg?

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  • alias

    Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.

    Now I know why I feel like a nine-year-old. At least I'm growing.

    The past has influenced where I am now, but it is up to me where I want to go.

    Still, that blank page thing stares me in the face everytime I forge new relationships with people I used to fondly think as "worldlings".

    Everything is possible.


  • ozziepost

    G'day Jeff,

    First of all, thanks for the card - Mrs Ozzie loved displaying it alongside others from the other ex's!

    OK, back to the question. Do I feel disconnected (from "the Organisation") ?

    The short answer is a resounding NO!

    Of course, Mrs Ozzie and I had planned our exit and had started fellowshipping with churches and the christian community in NSW. We had built up a wide circle of friends (including many ministers and bishops who we count now as real friends) and the memories of all things dubdom faded as the new happy memories took their place.

    As you know, this was not all "a bed of roses" for we lost all our family and relatives too. Yep, from them we are disconnected but somehow the warmth we feel of God's leading more than compensates.

    Those we formerly knew as friends we have long since realised were just acquaintances - much like you would have 'friends' in a local gun club or Rotary Club or whatever. The Bible says that "a true friend is loving all the time". Clearly our former Dub friends weren't. Now we even have trouble thinking of the names of people we previously spent a great deal of time with.

    I think the word disconnected may imply some unhappiness. There's no way my life is unhappy - quite the opposite! Mrs Ozzie and I live fulfilling lives filled with such wonderful experiences that we can only look back on former times with much sadness at how we (and our children and relatives) were wasting our lives.

    I really feel that to leave the Borg successfully you have to have something that takes its place - life cannot be lived in a vacuum. Once you're walking on the path to freedom, you're open to so many experiences, ideas and beliefs that will mould you. But at some point you have to stop and re-assess your life. What do you stand for? What do you believe?

    So my understanding of the question has to be No!

    Cheers from downunder,


  • zagor

    True, had to relearn to think like a normal human being, relearn how to live like a normal human being, relearn how to act as a normal human being. I guess that's why I'm still coming here.

  • kazar

    Yes, 'fraid I do at times. Such an empty feeling comes over me and I want to run to a meeting to reconnect. The feeling is diminishing with time.

  • KimKat

    you know that JW's make it easy for lonelly ones to come in - instant friends, no questions about
    background - I agree that a void is felt when you leave. But then you look at
    the JW's, do they look happy? Most (if not all) of the ones I knew always looked
    stressed and unhappy - depressed. They dreaded field service,(thier field service was making calls
    at the far end of territory - then driving to the other end, most of the time was
    spendt driving) They sat spaced out at meetings.

    So - when I see JW's I always am very happy to not be there!!

    Gretchen956,I am sorry that you feel socially inapt. I feel that way most of the time also.
    It is hard to make friends when raised to think everyone around us was out
    to get us or was wicked. I have to make myself be around people at work
    and visit. Most of the time I also feel out of place. Hang in there - Kim

  • Kaput

    Nope...not at all. When I DA'd, I sent out letters to 25 of those JWs I felt closest to over my 30 yrs. in the Borg. In addition to explaining, with the Society's own publications, why I was leaving, I also enclosed the Paul Hoeffel UN/NGO letter. The letters were sent out and received before my disassociation was announced. Never heard a peep from anyone. Without any response, you know they've disconnected with YOU, so that made it easier to disconnect with THEM. I'm now back to being a "normal" person who enjoys rubbing off a scratch ticket, watching R-rated movies, wishing people "happy holidays" and volunteering for local charities. Ain't worryin' about Armageddon anymore, either.

  • jeanniebeanz
    Do you feel 'Disconnected' since leaving the borg?

    Not anymore. However, I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland when I first escaped. It was lonely, and exciting, and terrifying, and wonderful and depressing all at once.

    Did I mention lonely?


  • yaddayadda

    I feel very disconnected lately, lost. The JW world that I was in from birth was a huge security blanket and its cold and lonely without it, but I'll get there. Strange thing is I feel more 'connected' with God and Christ since I left.

  • PoppyR
    Huh? I talk proper English I do!

    Oxford English Dictionary:

    Loose: Not fixed, not tight, not exact, immoral

    Lose: to no longer possess something because you do not know where it is, or because it has been taken away from you:

    - I've lost my ticket.

    - He's always losing his car keys.

    -- He lost his leg in a car accident.

    So unless your internet connection has come off the wall, is no longer tight, or has run away with the broadband next door..

    You lost it, not loosed it.

    And yes I'm joking, dont jump on me.. oh go on then.

    Poppy xxxx (loosing my mind )

  • codeblue

    Yes I do feel disconnected.

    I am struggling how to "get a new life" for me...

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