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  • jeanniebeanz

    Yeah, that's pretty rude. There is only one facial cleanser and cream that I can use that does not break me out bad. The are both by Shiseido and are very expensive. It only takes a little and if used properly, I only have to buy it twice a year. Can't imagine how I'd feel if I went in to get it and half of it was missing.

    I'd be pretty pissed off, I'm sure.

    Definitely hide your stuff. Maybe get a 99cents bottle of Suave Body lotion at Big Lots, write her name on it with a permanent marker, then put it back into the cabinet. lol


  • Gozz

    willowmoon: good word. :)


  • Country_Woman

    I am with Lady Lee & Jeannie: buy a cheep bottle - put her name on it.

    She will get the message - and since you are not rude to her anyway, it would have the most impact.

    You are civil and she ain't

  • lola28

    OK, I have sisters so I know what it feels like when someone takes your stuff without asking, so here is a suggestion, if she is at your house often why not go to a drug store and get her some of those travel size things they have? Do you know what I mean? They have travel size tooth paste, mouth wash, soap, hair spray and so on. Get her a make up bag and put it in there, then hide your stuff.

    Even if you don't like her, it will earn you points with your parents and it will make her feel bad for taking your stuff.


  • Scully

    Another thought.... you could confront the Pioneer™ ... say something like "Where on earth did you get such awful manners? Don't you realize that it's very poor etiquette to help yourself to other people's toiletries? And that you should bring your own when you are a guest in someone's home? Unless your host or hostess provides you with small samplers of your own, it's really rude to use toiletries that belongs to someone else unless you've asked permission first. This is someone's home, NOT a hotel."

    or "Sister Pioneer™, I'm really offended that you would use something as personal as my lotion without asking first. It's very expensive, and clearly you used far more than necessary. I realize that you're on a tight budget, but so am I, and I work hard for the things I have to buy for myself. It would have been more considerate of you to ask how to use it appropriately, rather than helping yourself to an amount that would have lasted me at least a month or more. Please don't help yourself to my toiletries. I hope we never have to discuss this again because if it does happen again, I will expect you to reimburse me."

    This is about personal boundaries. Once you let someone cross the line, it will be easier for them to do it again, and harder for you to put a stop to it the more it happens. Boundaries are things that you need to enforce - and sometimes loudly - in order to protect them. JWs are notorious for disrespecting other peoples' boundaries, and worming their way into your business when it is none of theirs. That's how the cult works. Boundaries are viewed as "selfish" and "prideful" and "arrogant", while allowing boundaries to be blurred and trampled over is viewed as being "self-sacrificing" and "selfless" and "unselfish" and "humility". The erosion of personal boundaries is what results in things like JW men taking liberties with young Sisters™, flirting with them and sexually harassing them, and parents not being willing to make waves because it will disrupt the "harmony" of the congregation and create bad feelings among The Friends™.

    Personal boundaries are there for a reason. Don't let them be trampled. By anyone.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    The excess of lotion/cream that was missing after the pioneer sister had access to it keeps ringing bells with appears that the pioneer sister DID indeed know that the lotion was expensive and managed to find something to put the extra lotion order to keep herself a supply handy for a while. no one would do that if the lotion were say..Suave or some other cheapie.....and no way would anyone actually use enough lotion on their face that could last a month.....not all at one time. She seems to have absconded with the excess that's missing.....which seems to prove that she actually stole the lotion INTENTIONALLY.


  • tijkmo
    If I went into someone's house and used their stuff without asking I would of got slapped

    me too...big time

    good point well made

  • stillAwitness

    I have simply brushed it off my shoulders and move on. If I keep thinking about it I will go crazy.

    I suppose it just goes with the territory of being the youngest child at home and never having to worry about brothers and sisters borrowing things without asking.

    Let's just say having a roomate will never be an option.

  • Scully

    We had a Bethelite from Brooklyn stay with us for a District Convention in 1986. A few months earlier, we'd travelled to visit Mr Scully's elderly father in another province, and had done some touristy stuff and picked up a few souvenirs. Well, didn't one of those souvenirs disappear from its rather prominent location while the Bethelite was staying with us. As much as I hated doing it, I checked his luggage while his freeloading @$$ was out partying with some folks he met at the convention that day... and found the missing item.

    Mr Scully confronted him, and he admitted to stashing it. He was highly offended that we "invaded his privacy"!! His excuse was two-fold: He realized we were not going to have time to take him on a trip to that area (10 hour drive round trip) so he could buy his own souvenirs, and he didn't think we'd miss it. We told him to pack his bag and we took him to the home of a big burly Ukranian elder to stay for the remainder of the convention. He ended up getting kicked out of their place too, and stayed with a couple who totally loved to suck up to Bethelites and would have done anything he wanted to do. They were more than happy to take him sightseeing for 3 or 4 days. And they bought him whatever souvenir his little freeloading heart desired.

  • Oroborus21

    Use the old Marbles in the medicine cabinet trick....After she has been completely embarrassed you will probably never have a problem again.....and it will be REALLY funny - Eduardo

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