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  • stillAwitness

    My mom's got this pioneer sister friend who stays at our house every weekend (she stays in some remote town that's far away from the hall) and I go into my bathroom cabinet this morning and she used up half the bottle of Daily Oil Control cream for my face I had in there.

    I mean ladies, you already know how expensive those things are! And I would always just use a pint size amount so the bottle was filled to capacity. And suddenly I'm having to turn it upside down and squeeze it to get cream out!

    I was so angry and my mother goes:"Don't you dare accuse my friend of such a thng!"

    I was like: "Excuse me? So who else used it? Lucifer the demon?"

    My dad: "Watch it! That is a servant of Jehovah you are talking about?"

    Me: "Oh, you mean a pioneer? I really don't care if she's Jesus' next of kin-the rules of etiquette apply to everyone do they not?"

    Mother: silence.

    Dad: "Well don't make it a big deal. I will repay you."

    Me: "She should be repaying me she did it! If I went into someone's house and used their stuff without asking I would of got slapped. Why are the rules different for her?"

    Mom/Dad: silence again. Blank stares and suddenly I am invisible

    Me: "Whatever" and I storm off.

    How stupid is that?! And she was only here for one night? Who the hell uses up a half a bottle of cream on just their face?

    This weekend I am clearing out my entire cabinet!

    I haven't decided if I will be nice enough to leave her the toothpaste.

  • stillajwexelder

    As you say - there is no excuse for rudeness and bad manners even if you are the President of the Watchtower

  • mrsjones5

    Yes, hide your stuff , put it under lock and key and bring it out only when you need to use it.

  • stillAwitness

    Exactly what I plan to do msjones.

    I was naive enough to think that someone like her would not do something like that. How stupid of me to even think like that considering what I know now about this religion.

    I know it seems to be something so superficial; its just the principle behind it. If it had been a non-witness, my mother would of already did something about it. But oh no. Sis.ButtKisserofBethel gets off the hook.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Don't get mad, get even! We had a freeloader roomie like that in college. Take the empty or near empty bottle and replace it with (use the imagination).

    Next, you can't wait until she uses it and you'll laugh your head off and can always place the decoy bottle out for her visits.

  • stillajwexelder

    Sadly I know literally hundreds of JW freeloaders - and the vast majority are pioneers - they seem to think the brothers will support them and they are entitled to it because they are some holy person or something

  • mrsjones5

    It not superficial, the principle behind it is having the manners to ask before you use something that you know is not yours. I'm working on that with my kids right now. You would think that the pioneer chick would already know that.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Have you seen that commercial where the snoopy guest goes into the bathroom and opens the medicine cabinet - only to have the whole thing spill out and break in the sink?

    Set it up like that! Then don't say a damn word! Let her come out and explain what she was doing in there where she had no business!


  • Elsewhere

    Don't be mean... you have to leave more than some tooth paste. How about leaving some Caster Oil Laxative and Ipecac Syrup with the tooth paste?

  • qwerty

    I am with Ak - Jeff Suddenly dawned on me though- She might have done it out of spite! Spilled it all down the drain, maybe she is jealous because you are better looking in her eyes? Dave

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