Hi from Perth, Western Australia

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi John, and welcome to the board

  • juni

    Heh Jon!

    Welcome to the group. I believe you will enjoy visiting here. I live in Wisconsin USA so we're used to the snow and cold. December was terribly cold and snowy. So far, January has been very mild - mid to upper 30's - and now it is raining and thundering outside. Very wierd weather!! Juni~~~~~~~~~

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

    There are a few here from downunder!

  • delilah
    Hello and welcome, Jon....Legolas, that's a funny pic you posted of Ayres Rock.
  • misspeaches

    Crikey!!! Another Aussie! LOL

    Hi Jon, welcome to the board. I am from the eastern coast... Stinkin hot over here. we had 38 degrees the other day and I almost died. Thank goodness I had some coldies in the fridge! Today is a more pleasant 31 thank goodness.

    I knew one gal who moved from my cong to get married to a guy in Perth. Perhaps you know them. It depends how long you've been out for. This was about 3-5 years ago I think...

  • ozziepost

    G'day delilah,

    Ooh, we're all PC now - it's Uluru !

    BTW it used to be spelt Ayers Rock - just so's ya know! Here endeth the lesson. Cheers, Ozzie (permanently upside-down class)

  • wombat

    Hi Jon . ....I'm from Brisbane.

    Mate, I heard on ABC radio from a caller that the sun on the Summer soltice appeared a bit south of Perth before it appeared in Cairns N.Q.

    He said that this is caused by our planet's axis being on a tilt.

    He also said that it could be proven by what he called, I think, a shadow map which is used by pilots.

    He reckoned that he had won quite a few drinks from Easterners over this.

    Have you heard of this?

    Also -I just love W.A. beaches. Much sweeter than the overcrowded East coast ones.

    Finally...I really like the way you left the J.Ws. I did the same over 30 years ago. I don't come to this site for information or healing. I come to it for amusement. In long distance hind-sight they are such a funny bunch. There's a thread here somewhere asking if the internet would destroy the WTS. It is really interesting.

    Anyway, cheers. Wombat

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