Do you feel you have more friends now that you left?

by ButtLight 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • skeeter1

    Both in quantity and quality!

  • JH
    Don't know what I am doing wrong

    Try putting up a "rat" avatar. It worked for me.

  • ButtLight
    I have a lot more REAL friends since I left the Borg. My friends now genuinely care about me are don't viciously gossip about me behind my back the moment I leave earshot

    Well, I hope they dont. The only thing they could gossip about is that I drink tooooo much beer, but thats not gossip, its the darn truth!

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Friends as a JW: Zero

    Friends as a regular worldly human being: Just about everyone.

    Score: uncountable.

  • yaddayadda

    I am having a real struggle trusting 'worldlings' and forming friendships outside the org since leaving. But I have always been very independent and never had that many friends even in the org. I thought most of the brothers were knobs. I think I am a closet misanthrope and maybe JW's made me that way.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I made a lot of friends while I was in the org, but most of them aren't friends now. The friends I have made since however, are not conditional on me doing what they do, I definitely have more real friends now.

  • tijkmo


    i had loads of friends as a jw

    now i have associates at college and i get on ok with them ..but then i get on ok with anyone..but they are not the kind of people i would choose as good friends...mainly because they wanna get drunk all the time...booooooooooooo-ring

  • ballistic

    hey tijkmo, you're an extremely likeable guy, I know 'cas I've met you. But don't knock the odd drink ok>?

  • tijkmo

    oh believe me ballsy...i have no problem at all with the odd drink or 2 or...6 even

    but when someone keeps on drinking long after they can taste it and become violent and obnoxious as a result ..then i object

    the guys i am talking about are funny and pleasant as hell when sober

  • jonsey

    It's fuuny when I was a teen JW and had responsibilities...everyone wanted to be my friend...when I drifed and left and moved to GA...nodda one ever picked up the phone to call. The friends list was short in my first number of years here but, I have them all over the states and 3 that would drop what their doing to help me in an emergency.


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