Kingdom Hall Diary, an Outsider's Perspective (WARNING - LONG)

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  • AuldSoul

    Ugh! Women! They think they're God's gift to men!

    Oh, wait...they were. I like my present .

    Great thread, jgnat! I hope I can be as successful with my wife, but it seems harder since JW wives don't EXPECT to be used for those privileges...

    Hi, Annie! [waves happily to Annie]


  • hamsterbait


    I read every word. The impression is of LOVE between you.

    I actually got a tear when "a short time with you" was better than eternity without.

    This is what Adam did. "You can kill my wife for eating the fruit, but I don't want anybody else."

    Just keep hoping loving and praying.


  • Quotes

    Thank you so much writing this, and thanks for posting it.

    I too read every word. My own recent tussle with "Goliath" suddenly seems so trivial in comparison to your struggles. You have to deal with Watchtowerism's damaga on a personal level, every day.

    I don't know how you do it, let alone why -- strike that, you do it out of love -- but your patience is an example for all of us.

    Sounds like WTS's special brand of "love" has, once again, worked against them. They are like a magnet repelling Art, while your true love is the opposite magnetic field, pulling him closer.

    My best wishes for your family for the New Year!


  • Sunspot
    Hi, Annie! [waves happily to Annie]

    Waving back to my dear and special Auld Soul.....and a hug for Quotes too! Both heroes in MY book!

    I was thinking earlier this evening after I had logged off JWD, about that scripture concerning becoming "unevenly yoked" with unbelievers, and what (here we go again, WTS) it really meant.

    We all know how all the "good stuff" that pertains to biblical examples is ALWAYS attributed to the JWs, while all negative behavior is manifested by "all the other religions", right? The selective reasoning runs rampant with these WTS writers, eh?

    There WERE no JWs at the time that scripture was written (contrary to what we were told when [cough] "studying the bible")....but it would seem to me that the conflict that would cause problems within a married couple's belief systems would arise between one who was a Christian and one who was not! (for various reasons).

    The idea of not being "unevely yoked" with say someone with Pagan beliefs and opposed to someone who had accepted Christ as Savior...would be certain to cause disruption and would be in the best interest of any couple NOT to enter into marriage under these conditions.....therefore the wise admonition to save future problems.

    All this WTS-twisting has nothing to DO with a JW marrying a Baptist in the true sense of the scriptural meaning, although it seems to be just one more edict tossed out by the Org for it's followers to adhere to. In the long does have some valid reasoning only BECAUSE of the rigidity of the WTS Rulez & Regz, but has no basis in the biblical understanding as I see it.

    Just my 2 1/2 pennies worth.....


  • Confession

    Sorry to clutter your replies with this. I'm just posting this so that I can easily find this thread later. I've only read the first several paragraphs, and can't wait to read more. Thanks for your posting it.

  • Sheepish

    I can't believe I read the whooole thing! lol. I enjoyed every moment of it. You are an honest gutsy woman. I really admire you for going through all that. I must say though, it was divine providence that kept them from fully embracing your husband and sucking him in for "good."

    Oh, and I just became aware of Alliance Churches this year, never even heard of them before, now I know lot of people via the net who are associated.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Cellist

    Thank you for posting that, jgnat. It was a wonderful read. I hope Art's mind is somehow freed from that abusive group!


  • Sheepish

    (Oh, and sunspot, I agree with your understanding of that script.)

  • jgnat

    Wow! I'm just back from a family road trip, and came to check on my story thread. On the way in to town, my hubby, content, satiated, says, "Well I better work on getting back to the meetings so I can get decontaminated." I know he's a brat, so I let that comment hover in the air for a bit, then I reached over and put my hand on his thigh. "Honey, did you mean it when you said you had to be decontaminated from our visit?" He chuckles, "Nooooo", and pats me back.

    I guess that writer's camp gave good advice. Write real. I am delighted that you guys "get it"!

  • jeanniebeanz
    Jeanniebeanz, I tried to bring you all up to speed with that last entry, December 29.

    lol... I know... I was being silly.

    The elders have my hubby in their vise again, and he's seriously considering if he wants to willingly go along with the torture. Art is still a JW at heart. He sincerely follows their doctrines. Only, the organization itself has betrayed him.

    I hope he can make that connection... If he really sees it for the betrayer and liar that it is, maybe he'll make the better choice and leave the organization once and for all. He may be a jw at heart, but the heart can only take so much...

    Here's hoping for the best.


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