Kingdom Hall Diary, an Outsider's Perspective (WARNING - LONG)

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I've never been a dub too... I enjoyed your writing. A lot of it reminds me of my JW friend.

    I attended the district convention with hubby, and I wore pants! (Sly submissive fox that I am, I asked permission first.) And I brought my palm pilot! My honey tried weakly to dissuade me, but I crankily offered to sneeze on my palms and shake hands with every JW in the place. Wisely, he backed off.

    ROFL.... that really cracked me up.

  • bebu

    A very good, very interesting read. I'm supposed to be doing a ton of things around here, and instead I'm velcro'd to the computer, reading your KH diary.

    Gotta say that I feel sorry for all the back and forth that still goes on, even after all the gossiping and backstabbing. But I'm glad that your husband has made this last Christmas a better one for you. The vows you made to love each other were never intended to be divided by religion, but to be given strength from God. I hope your hubby can recognize that this is one area he can succeed, and that it is so much more important than going out in service.

    Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. ... And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Cor 13:6-8, 13

    My prayers and best wishes continue to go out for you both...


  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    All I can say is "WOW" to that. Awesome insight there! I've never stepped foot in a KH so it's nice to get a perspective on it. You have a wonderful wit about you and it was a great read!

    Thanks for sharing that!


  • AlmostAtheist
    Oh, yes. The elders also threatened to find my online activity, print out the evil stuff, and show my husband that I'm not the "supportive" wife that I appear. I have over eight thousand posts to my credit. If they print it all, that's four cubic feet, or eighty pounds of tightly packed typing. I hope they knock themselves out and a few printers too, trying.

    Aren't elders cute? You wanna just pinch their little gestapo cheeks!

    Good read, JGnat. Thanks!


  • daniel-p

    Thanks for the good reading. I gleaned a lot of encouragement from it and some powerful insights.

  • LoverOfTruth
    An elder that the intruder charged with collecting bank cards from the congregation

    What's this? Is this how JWs donate now?

  • BluesBrother

    A wonderful read, Janet.

    Anyone who has been in the congo's can recognize the people in the Hall. There is one of the same in every Hall. You are a brave and determined lady. I really hope that Art can come to see the Borg for what it is , and leave it completely.

    As I understand it, Any witness can go door to door , provided that they meet basic criteria of morality and being seen to be disconnected from the church, perhaps that was the reason he was not permitted? Whatever ?, keep up the good work .

  • RunningMan

    Well, believe it or not, I read the whole thing - very absorbing. Even though I'm not in your situation, I did go through a period of several years while I was out mentally (not physically), and was working on my wife. There are a lot of similarities. Your observations are extremely useful reading for any UBMs out there.

  • Sentient

    "After many sleepless nights, Art decided his short life on earth with me was worth the risk of no paradise for him."...I remember having to make that exact same my own mind. Of course it's more complicated when you imagine Armageddon coming at any time to further shorten that short life. It may seem silly to others, but our beliefs do create our reality and the pain is as real as if your loved one was hanging from a literal precipice of doom. Best decision I ever made though. It took time to realize that I had been trained to believe that God would in essence MURDER ME for LOVING someone. Nice diary, jgnat.

  • sassafras

    WOW JGnat- thank you so much for that.

    As a woman in a situation somewhat similar to yours, I gleaned a bucket-load of pearls of wisdom from your journal. Thanks so much.. I will be looking for more of your posts.

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