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  • rekless

    It has surprised me at the number of people that post here that their parents won't have anything to do with them...they need to wake up and see how many parents DO have contact with their kids!!! (Honestly, they are being snowed!!!) I'm a parent that DAed after my wife died.I have a daughter and two Grandchildren that will not talk to me. My daughter told me I was dead in her eyes and Jehovah's.

  • Lo-ru-hamah


    Not too long ago I was curious about a friend of mine that is dfed. I called her family and just asked about how they were and then brought her up. I asked where she was living now and was wondering if she was doing anything about being a JW. Afterwards, I was able to call information in the city she was in and get her phone number. Playing nonchallant about it was helpful but then they knew me as sort of a ditz, so it might not have raised any flags. I would recommend that you pretend that you are just curious about how she is doing spiritually and that you just thought of her and were a little sad. You know, play up the whole JW thing.

    Any way, hope that will help some.


  • PoppyR

    bonnie clyde: My husband is still going, and taking our two boys. I'm not altogether sure he believes it totally, I've shown him the 607 thing, the UN thing and others, but he just accepts all the bulls*** that is sent his way. He has often quoted me the scripture where the apostles say to Jesus

    "where else shall we go".. Well to me I think what's the point in doing the religious thing if it's not the truth!!

    But i think he's too scared by what is out there if there is no buffer of 'Armageddon coming soon' whether he survives it or not.

    He is also very entrenched and scared by his family. I feel in time he will follow me out, but I'm not going to drag him, I feel he will do this when he's ready.

    Poppy xxx

  • PoppyR

    Hi Loruhamah

    I do know what city she is in, and her married name, but it's unfortunately quite a common name, and I'm presuming if there are any listings they will be in her husbands. The Data Protection law is quite strict here in the UK and it's hard to trace people!

    I haven't run out of options and will keep trying. I dont even know if we will still have anything in common, but I'm feeling the need for old and new friends as suddenly the ones I've had all my life are looking quite precarious!

    Poppy xx

  • xjwms


    I felt better when I made that same decision

  • Davey 33
    Davey 33

    Hi Poppy,

    I drifted a few years ago now - and so much of your account rang true. Even though I have been out for some time, I am still massively confused and often alone.

    If u ever need a friend to sound off on, then I'm around.



  • Legolas
    Feel like I have pulled one of my last suckers away from the JWs, I'm never going to another meeting.


  • Legolas

    Welcome Davey 33!

  • serendipity

    Hi Davey,

    Welcome to the forum!

  • freydi

    "Even my husband joined in and asked what they thought about the prodigal son, did his father make him sit with the servants and not speak to him for 6 months when he came back etc....The elder taking the group, (who I dearly love) said it was discipline and the person had to learn," I told an elder I was upset by the treatment somone was receiving as a result of being df'd and was told I wasn't mature enough to understand. I'm only 55.

    MEETINGS--Elders in Court of Inquiry Question 1916 What Pastor Russell Said P 479

    Question(1916) "Is it proper for the elders to sit at a court of inquiry and cite any supposed to be walking in a disorderly manner to appear before them and explain their conduct? Or should the Lord's advice given in Matthew 18:15-18 be followed?" Answer: "I agree with the suggestion of the question that it should be handled in harmony with the Lord's direction in the passage cited. The Lord's word does not authorize any court of the Elders, or anyone else, to become busybodies. This would be going back to the practices of the Dark Ages during the inquisition; and woud be showing the same spirit as did the inquisitors......We should have confidence in the Lord."

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