will someone please pull me out of this funk......or at least come join me

by kittyeatzjdubs 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    thanks atypical!

    i'm gonna go home tonight, turn my amp up all the way, and practice that song til matt kicks me out

    luv, jojo

  • atypical

    awesome!! I just picked up my guitar after I posted and started playing it. I have been in a hellacious funk too, but I just realized (thanks to Heathen) that AC/DC is a pretty good pick me up. Have fun.

  • MsMcDucket

    Love ya, Kitty! Hang in there! I think everybody is going through a deborg funk mode. We all have got to find out what it was that we would have done if we hadn't of got broadsided by the borg. Once, we do that, start working on it.

    You know, I could sing before I had my thyroid surgery. Now, I've got a paralyzed vocal cord and I sound like crap! I wouldn't dare say that I could sing before the surgery. It sounded like I was "puffed up with pride". You should recognize your talents. I, now, know that it's unhealthy not to do so.

    You are somebody! You are worth it! Someone does need you! Someone loves you for who you are!

    Don't forget it.

    Keep your chin up.

  • Sparkplug


    I too just today spoke of doing all of the great stuff. I would say that:

    i can play 5 chords..e,a,d,g,c...

    Is a lot more than most people can play. There is a country music book about that called something starting with "2 chords and a...."

    I can't remember the end of it right now. I am the worst at learning just enough to not be excellent. Knowing this, I get discouraged. Then I have had occation to have someone tell me how much they admire this or that about me. It really is shocking because some of what I would call my failures are things that they aspire to do. Or even be brave enough to try.

    Do you see how that works, even if you dont get the goals you had in mind, sometimes the willing and trying spirit is enough to fill another persons with smiles and laughter of affection for a lifetime.

    You will be fine honey. Go hit a punching bag, crank the music up. Wear yourself out, sleep on it and take it a little step at a time. You may be suprised how far you come in a years time. Looking back, those who try do make movement in a year. Also, if you are used to success like me...easily given, sometimes it is harder on these personalities to hit a 'not so good' point.

    Pick yourself up baby gal, and try again.

    Do you know I have bought 3 guitars and dated many musicians trying to learn the guitar. I still don't know it. So I admire your 5 chords! Maybe that is why everytime I got a guitar I got pregnant. ????

  • dinah

    Hey Kitty, nice to meet you.

    The only thing I can play is the stereo. But we have a nice system with Bose 901 unlimited wattage speakers! COOL!! Reading these posts reminds me of Nickelback's new song "Rockstar" It's great, y'all should check it out. The lyrics are way past great. We bought our 9 yr old son a guitar for Christmas, bought our daughter a set of drums. :) Are we crazy or what????

    Speaking of music, since it seems alot of you are like me, has anyone ever heard a song by a band called "Bender" called "Isolate"? Seems to me it was written by an ex-dub. If I could find the lyrics I would post them, but my puter is running so slow I'm lucky to even be able to type this message to y'all. The line that haunts me in that song is: Did you ever have to leave, and leave yourself outside the door? Did you ever have to leave this perfect woman? Okay that was two lines but the whole song is awesome! The lead singer sounds kinda like the guy from The Cult.

  • heathen
    We bought our 9 yr old son a guitar for Christmas, bought our daughter a set of drums. :) Are we crazy or what????

    You just gota prepare for the time they decide to give the rock star thing a try . Of course you will need some lessons for them tho .

    I just can't think of how that jo jo song goes so can't get the rythm in mind . Some ACDC I mess around with would be , hells bells , shook me all night long , R&R aint noise polution , just about anything off the back in black album . I enjoy , even tho I don't worry about getting the lead down .

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