will someone please pull me out of this funk......or at least come join me

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  • kittyeatzjdubs

    **sigh** i'm just going to write until i get it all out.....

    i wish i could just lock myself in my office and sleep this away. i feel like there's this heavy boulder around my shoulders and it's just pulling me downdowndown...i think it started last night when i tried to play my guitar...but i'm no good at it...you know that feeling where you KNOW how and what you want to be...but you can't b/c you just suck at it...i want to be an accomplished musician singer...but i can't sing and i don't have an ear for music. i feel like i have no talents...i can't sing, can't play music, can't draw. i would like to write a book, but i'm too dumb and my stories always sound like the uneducated ramblings of any other 20 year old female. everytime i write a post...it sounds smart as i'm typing it, but when i go back and read it, i sound like a damn teenager. i want to sound smart and educated. i mean...i was reading john grisham novels in the 2nd grade...why don't i sound that smart???

    i was working my way up the pole at work...then somehow i got DEMOTED and the position that i thought i was going to get ended up going to someone else...why does that happen? i worked so hard! i did every little thing they asked...smiling the entire time...nothing to show for it...

    i miss my mom...as much as i can't stand her i miss her b/c...well...she's my mother.

    i'm over a week late...but i keep taking tests and it's always negative...what's wrong w/ me???? i know it sounds like i think i'm pregnant every other day...but i can't help it...i'm a natural worrier. in my mind, i'm always pregnant until i'm popping midol.

    plus i stepped in dog crap this morning...it won't come off so now my shoe smells.....great....

  • ballistic

    I can't say I'm that good at the guitar, someone showed me a few chords and I learnt the rest myself from there, but it's like anything, the more you practice it, the better it gets. I haven't got any advice about the dog poo though. lol

  • AlmostAtheist
    it won't come off so now my shoe smells.....great....

    You and I have different definitions of "great"! :-)

    Sorry you're feeling pushed down by life. I've been feeling like I'm spinning my wheels. I have so many directions I want to go, but I find at the end of the day that I didn't head in any of them. And as much as I want to claim (and often do) that I don't have time, what I actually lack is motivation and direction. I watch a few hours of TV, I spend a few hours typing on JWD, and I still expect to get something done?!?

    What's on your New Year's resolutions list? Perhaps that would be a good place to start for organizing yourself in the direction you want to head?

    Of course, you said you were working quite hard. Do you know why you were demoted? (Not asking you to reveal it) If you don't, or don't agree with the reason, maybe you could discuss it with whoever made the decision with an eye to correcting whatever it was? You don't have to admit you don't agree with it, just find out what they think you were missing and try to add it to the mix.


  • kittyeatzjdubs

    hey dave...

    i didn't actually get ''demoted'' per say...i was on my way up the ladder, but the people they handed my old job off too sucked so bad at it that i had to start doing it again...so here i am.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Kittyeatzdubs -

    I know what you mean about 'talent'. I have none that I can identify.

    I have a guitar - know a few chords - but cannot play worth a crap. I play a fair round of golf, but I will never win a tournament.

    I was just discussing this lack of talent this morning - I determined that I might be good a skipping rocks if that were a talent. I can break glass ok too, or wind!

    Hope things start looking brighter soon. I think the winter doldrums have set in for me. Maybe you too.


  • schne_belly

    (((((KITTY! )))))

  • schne_belly

    Keep that chin of yours up! I know how it goes though…. I occasionally get in a “funk:” too. I think ALL people do at times. Especially young women….those damn hormones!

    Instead of thinking of the talents you DON’T have, think of those you do. I know there are some…How about a sport you are good at? Cooking? Your sense of fashion?

    That you are ALIVE & BEAUTIFUL actually HAVE a job! …… so much to be thankful for.! I know sometimes it’s hard to see ….. Maybe it’s just the weather too? Winter blues?

  • Legolas


    I can't sing or play anything or write a story either!

    But you can come here and be our friend! And thats something that you should feel good about!

  • serendipity

    Hi Kitty,

    I'm sorry to hear your in such a funk. A few ideas for your job: You can document your old job/projects, step by step, so that a new person has an easier time doing it. You may also have some other ideas to make a job transition easier. Also talk with your manager to see how you can handoff your old job to someone else. If you haven't already asked, confirm with your manager that you are promoteable, and ask what skills you need to acquire or improve on for career development purposes, to continue moving up the ladder. Then do whatever your manager suggests. Let your manager know your status regularly, and gently press your manager to offload the work and acquire new skills.

    As far as being "late": ((Kitty)) I hope it's a false alarm.

  • Ellie

    Get some bleach and pour it all over the bottom of your shoe, wait a few seconds then pour some boiling water over it, then wipe it somewhere, it works for me every time.

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