JW stance on birth control pills for medical reasons/sex education

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  • rebel8


    I am seeking printed info in WT literature regarding use of birth control pills (for medical reasons) by unmarried women, specifically rules or hints saying it is not ok. (There are many medical reasons to take birth control pills other than for birth control.) I can't remember seeing anything in print. Do you know if there was mention of this in the literature or in talks?

    It may have been mentioned when sex education in school was discussed, in the vein of "if you're not scripturally able to do it then there is no reason to prepare for it".

  • mkr32208

    I dunno my wife was single and on birth control for years and pioneered at the same time. No problems, never mentioned...

  • Gretchen956

    I don't recall seeing anything in print, I'm pretty sure this fell under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. If someone happened to see the pills they would have probably turned the person in to the elders.


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    this fell under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.


    What I recall the opinion on this would generally vary person to person depending how they personally felt about it. Older ones against it, while younger ones accepting it as an effective tool for pregnancy prevention. Can't see a Society that promotes childlessness in favour of "kingdom pursuits" to be against a form of birth control.


  • PoppyR

    I dont think there is anything printed.. although dont hold me to that.

    My sister took them for some years before getting married, and was(is) one of the most faithful dubs around, she just had terrible period problems and they sorted her out.

    Many knew about this and nobody thought it was wrong.

    Of course I could just be the most naive girl in town and she was sleeping with everyone in the congregation

    Poppy x

  • Jourles

    Before I met my wife, she was on the pill. Her dad was/is an elder and an ex-bethelite and she was a pioneer. She took them for regularity of her period. Plus, it helps with acne so I've heard. I imagine the WTS knows about this and lets it slide.

  • stillAwitness

    Birth control pills are outlawed by the society unless its for medical reasons?

    That I've never heard.

    The pioneer sister I studied with was on the pill. He whole life was being a pioneer being that her hubby had his own buisness, they had no kids, she had no formal education and so was pretty bored most of the time.

    Saw her years later with a 3 year old daughter and she blew up like a whale. She works at Home Depot now and always looks tired and sad.

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    No education and only one child probably due to following watchtower suggestions of remaining childless. She may have wanted children but due to pressure to pioneer she may have dismissed having children. No wonder she may have looked so sad.


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    Back to your question though Rebel8. I don't recall their ever being anything much written on this subject unless one could search the Watchtower home library cd rom for something related. I don't remember many ever making any mention of it. I knew some who took birth control but it was never really brought up in Watchtower gossip circles too much.


  • Beep,Beep

    Sorry but there doesn't appear to be anything written one way or the other concerning the use of birth control pills by unmarried women on the CDROM library

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