JW stance on birth control pills for medical reasons/sex education

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  • hamsterbait

    There was an item in the WT in the 70s where the way the pill works was discussed. If your pill prevents ovulation that is okay, but if the pill makes the lining of the womb unable to keep a fertilized egg, then it is "abortive" and wrong.

    Though the WT also said unborn babies will not get a resurrection, so does god care one way or another?


  • blondie

    Actually, married JW women can take BC pills for whatever reason, health or to prevent conception. But no sterilization (that swings both ways), abortions, or BC that prevents fertilized egg from implanting. There is a definite lack of info on single women using BC.

    I used BC pills to regulate my menstrual cycle for a time when I was a single pioneer. There didn't see a need to tell anyone although I knew that a few old biddies and an occasional elder might attribute a "bad motive" for doing so.

    What's new? If you walked through the door at the same time with a married brother talking to him (he had dropped off his wife at the door), I knew one sister who assumed an affair was afoot.

    I know a single sister who was called on the carpet at a KH build for talking friendly to a married brother...until they found out it was her older brother. Duh?


  • rebel8

    Thanks guys. I know I was unable to take the pill as a single JW despite how much danger I was in medically. 1 more caveat of being in close proximity to hdqts. and in a very strict congregation rather than a rule in print, I suppose.

  • Ticker

    Could have been your location. Interesting point. Would be interesting to see if a persons proximity makes a difference in how much control they have. I know that different congregations can make quite a difference.


  • Scully


    Perhaps yours is a case of your folks relying too much on the authority of the Elders™ to make (or assist them in making) medical decisions on your behalf.

    Personally, I never felt the need to discuss something as personal as my medical conditions with the Elders™, unless it had an impact on meeting attendance or field service - and even then it was only enough to get them off my case. In fact, near the end of our tenure at the KH, I used to get a kick out of blaming "female problems" for my lack of attendance whenever an elder pulled me aside for a scolding. It would stop them dead in their tracks, looking panicked about the Pandora's Box that was about to be unleashed upon them.

    Brother Headinass: Sister Scully, Why haven't you been at the meetings lately? Having trouble adjusting to motherhood?

    Me: No, not really, Brother Headinass. How much time do you have to hear about the horribly painful menstrual periods I'm having? Or the time I had infected milk ducts in my breasts and had to go to the ER?

    Brother Headinass (deer in headlights look): Oh look, they want me to start the music and do a sound check. Nice to see you!

    It worked like a charm!
  • rebel8

    Thank you all again. You guys are great!

    I wasn't giving an explanation b/c I didn't want to gross anyone out, but maybe my question will make more sense if I explain. For those queasy about hearing the word menstruation, stop reading now. :P I am telling this story so people can realize how reprehensible the WTS really is when it comes to the blood issue.

    Yes Scully you are right--my mother relied too much upon the Elders. She had a ubm and was instructed that the Elders were next in line to her husband as spiritual heads!!!!! That is why they pretty much ran our lives, down to the smallest detail.

    Onto the medical thing....I did not have gynecological problems. I have a bleeding disorder similar to hemophilia which does cause hemorrhage at that time of the month though. I have hemorrhages in other parts of my body as well, muscle bleeds, nosebleeds, etc.

    Birth control pills are a standard treatment of girls with my disorder. This is because the pill stimulates production of clotting factor. It decreases bleeds throughout my entire body. My 1st order of business after leaving the Borg was to get on the pill --> instant and very dramatic improvement in quality of life. No more daily nosebleeds lasting for hours. Less bruising. Less painful muscle bleeds. Less gastrointestinal bleeds. Less lateness and absenteeism at work. Lower medical bills. No more chronic anemia/weakness/fainting. Suddenly, I went from needing emergency care a few times a month to a few times a year.

    When I was 11, my physician told my mother to put me on the pill. My mother sought the advice of her "spiritual heads" who said it would cause me to have sex. Yes, this was one of the times that I had to hear about the "girls are like cows" stuff in the literature. (What sick reasoning--as if the only reason I wasn't having sex at the tender age of 11 was fear of pregnancy.) Once my physician pled with my mother and she refused. I recall my doctor taking my mother out of the exam room (but well within the earshot of a resourceful kid). She said, "Just tell her it's a vitamin." My mother refused to defy the spiritual authority of the elders.

    Never forget how dangerous the cult is!!!!!!!!!!

  • fahrvegnugen
    Could have been your location. Interesting point. Would be interesting to see if a persons proximity makes a difference in how much control they have. I know that different congregations can make quite a difference.

    It seems to me that Witnesses and congregations who have a lot of interaction with Bethel or Bethelites often tend to have had their rose-colored glasses smashed a long time ago and tend to be more independent minded. Whereas Witnesses in other parts of the country tend to regard Bethel and the Society with the reverence accorded to a saint.

    It's similar to the difference in attitude between Renaissance Italy and northern Europe. The Italians who lived in close proximity to the Church leadership, having seen all the hypocrisy and shenanigans up close, were disenchanted humanists who held few illusions about religion. While the northern Europeans remained very pious and maintained their idealism, often being shocked when visiting Rome and seeing some of what actually went on in the holy city.

  • Momofmany

    I so understand what you are saying. When I was 16, I took myself to the local clinic and got the pill for myself. (not trying to gross anyone out here) My period would last 9-12 days, and the pain was so bad. I was not regular either. I would get it every two weeks, or every two months. Since my father was not "in the truth" my mom went to the elders, and they told her not to let me get the pill. It was wrong. I took myself, and to this day, she never found out.

    Sorry for rambling. Just wanted to let you know, others suffered because of a man's opinion. I never saw anything in writing, but just an opinion.

  • carla

    I have a girl who needed it for some of the same reasons, irregular, etc.... I never told him for fear he would run to the elders and cong with it. He still doesn't know. She is of legal age now so I guess there's not much he could do now anyway, but, I'm still not going to tell him. I know many who would find that reprehensible, keeping something like that from a father. But, if the father belongs to an insane cult, what is one to do?

  • Scully

    With or without birth control, people are going to have sex. It's just from the fanatical religious cultic point of view, denying them the use of birth control means it's easier to catch the girl who is having sex, because she is the one who will end up pregnant. Guys can deny paternity and get away with it. This is just one more example of the abusive mentality that JWs harbour against females.

    People who have strong personal values against having casual sex, will not use medically sanctioned prescribed birth control as an excuse to have sex and without getting caught by the "powers that be".

    It sure says a lot about the confidence JWs have in their ability to inculcate morals and values into their youths. If they really had that confidence that they had taught their kids The Truth™ adequately and raised their kids with strong personal values, there would be no need to be so distrustful and suspicious of their children.

    rebel8, what happened to you is disgusting. I can't imagine putting my own daughters through that kind of agony, month after month, for years. I'm glad that girls today can go to a doctor and go on the Pill without their parents' knowledge. There are so many uses for The Pill than just contraception. Sadly, too many JW girls suffer the ramifications of this stupidity in terms of diminished self esteem, pain, embarrassment and just plain discomfort. In your case, it was also life-threatening. Those bastards!!!

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