Can a girl have short hair and be feminine? ( a tad bit fluffy)

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  • Sparkplug

    Coon Dawg- The actress you showed is one of the gals you dream of growing up and looking like. Or at least I do.

    misanthropic- If I recall you are lovely too. Is that you as a child? Cute!

  • ballistic

    Well now, you can't get hair much shorter than mine, think... Bruce Willis. But girls with short hair are fine also, you know if they are dykes it's the way they look at you in the eye and pour a pint of beer over you when you chat them up, just ask me.

  • CoonDawg

    Yep...just look at this....

    Same woman in both pics.



  • Sparkplug

    CoonDawg- Waking up and seeing myself in the AM...I can believe it. LMAO. It can be real rough on the rising.

  • Spectrum

    That style really suits your face but your beautiful brown eyes are your best.

    I do tend to prefer longer hair but it's never a make or break attribute for me. But to answer the title of the thread- short hair does look feminine and cute.

  • Sparkplug

    Spectrum-I love long hair. Just takes too much of my time and attention to keep it up. I feel so gross in the growing out stages that I just cant stand it. I stress about it and always fret and get bugged. I made an educated decicion to cut it to fit my lifestyle. When it gets longer, I can put braids in...until then, I am going to enjoy some of my opened up time.

    Thanks for the eyes compliment. It is a shame bout my eyes, I cant hide a thing. They always give me away. They tell all that my mouth wont say if you pay attention. Makes me so mad. How are you to guard your eyes from being seen if you need to be quiet. (good thing, most people do not pay attention!)

  • stillAwitness

    I chopped my hair off after making it through a bad breakup. Its so exhilerating, exudes confidence in a woman and it looks great on you!

    Plus think of all the newcomers with the short do: Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and her new bob, Sharon Osbourne and she's worn short hair for years.

    Plus, think of all the money you'll save on using less shampoo!

  • Sparkplug
    Plus, think of all the money you'll save on using less shampoo!

    SO VERY TRUE. It is an even bigger fortune on conditioner, leave in conditioner, sprays, etc. A big cost of time too. Time was my main deciding factor.

  • lola28

    Sparky, you always look lovely. I love the new hair cut, it looks really good on you.

    P.S, Es you look really pretty as well


  • Es

    Hehehe the straight hair sparkplug is all due to the wonderful invention of the hair straightener.


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