Can a girl have short hair and be feminine? ( a tad bit fluffy)

by Sparkplug 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • Es

    I love it babe looks great....i think short hair on woman is great i just got mince cut straight after my wedding.


  • Billygoat

    ((((Sparky)))) Damn girl - you look hot! Grrr!

    But I understand. Whenever my hair was short, I was always afraid I looked like a boy. Short hair, flat chest, short stature. At children's camp one year, where I was a counselor, I got in trouble for being out of my cabin after 10 pm. I know some people think that's funny and a good problem to have, but I never quite see it that way.

  • SixofNine

    Me Likes!

  • greendawn

    With you short hair looks great for some other women perhaps not.

  • tijkmo

    well i liked yours long...

    altho you and your friend didnt like mine

    still feminine tho

  • delilah
    Sparkplug.....absolutely and Es are beautiful women. I applaud you both for going short....I'm afraid, that I'm a bit of a chicken....
  • stillajwexelder

    Oh yes - Halle Berry is classic example

  • lucifer

    i like it, you have nice curls and the color is bold

  • Sparkplug

    Dave- I think that if that almighty god wanted me to have hair, he would make mine grow nicely...right? And I like looking dandy. Just not masculine.

    Fadingaway- I am glad you are married then...Sorry but that green muscle pic is a bit frightening.

    kittyeatzjdubs- ?Uh, oh, my daughter took that pic. Did I really look sultry. (As I thinkI scream a silent YEAH!) she is 13. Hope she did not see that.

    Golden Girl- Yeah that is groos. Specially if you braid your hair like I did for so long. It gets everywhere. Expensive on the plumbing. Show us a pic when you do it. (That goes for you too lonely sheep!

    Es- You know what. You have that straight hair I always dreamed of. You and Andi. It just seems so manageable. I love that cut/. So spunky!

    Andi!! Merry xmas Girl! I really get it from the gals at work hitting on me. I don't understand it, but I think it has me paranoid about being attractive to them. This last year I figure if they like me, then they do...Same as anyone. You worked at a camp? Strange, I worked at a Juvenile home for 3 to 4 years and was a house mom. When I first hired in, I was in so much trouble for not walking in line...talking when I shouldn't. In fact I was restrained in front of everyone once. I looked just like the kids, and it was truly a baptism by fire experience.

    Sixy- How much? (Now I have a huge yelp) Yippee!!

    Tijkmo. I liked it long, but very expensive to keep braiding. AND I did too like your hair. I did not say my ex husband does not have great hair. In fact he has hair that girls get jealous over. You just looked like him. you do have a most wonderful voice also. He did not. See. I talk to you, I burp at him. I like your company...cant stand his. There is a lot of reasons you should feel good. Now when are you going to send that song of you singing for me? Huh? Huh?

    delilah- I bet you have good hair, That is probably why you are chicken to cut it. If a person has an awful body, they do not cry much when they loose that extra weight. It is kind of the same concept. And Thanks!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Sparky, I'm with Scully and the rest. It looks wonderful on you, especially since you got those great curls goin' for ya. Consider yourself blessed!!! hair is another story......I can't wear real short, because I look like I got my head caught in a pencil sharpener.


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