Starting a collection of the Inexplicable JW Doctrines...

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  • codeblue

    The Elders are Spirit Anointed..............that's why you must never speak against them or say anything about them (even if it is true)

    I hate the above proved true while going thru my divorce and I said to my sister and brother in law after not seeing them for 2 years: I didn't get the visits the elders promised me..........crying when I said it. My brother in law replied: YOU can just get up and LEAVE our house IF you are going to TALK against the ELDERS>

    I sat there crying in their house for 2 hours.......I had just got off the airplane and hadn't seen them in 2 years...... What a Christlike response to somebody going to thru a death in their family. He never apologized........gave me a glass of water. We went to the Tues. book study ...from the "Greatest Man BOOK"....guess by brother in law doesn't get the Greatest Teacher...

    hmmmmmmmmmmm...wonder what Jesus would have said to my brother in law?

  • codeblue

    Divorce is like a death............worst then a death.......with a spouse...........especially when they leave you and betray you.

  • Woodsman

    That the Great Crowd in Revelation 7 is on earth.

    The Bible says the Great Crowd is in Heaven in Revelation 19 and in Chapter 7 it says they are before the throne and in Gods temple the same place as the angels.

    So there is no Biblical reason to choose that they are on earth. Unless you already believe that and interpret the scriptures to conform to your beliefs. This is of course backwards.

  • AuldSoul

    Thanks everyone for the contributions! I think this may make a good resource for Newbies. I plan to go through and organize these and reference the reasons why the teachings are unscriptural.

    All of them may not make it in, because I am looking for ones where there is NO SCRIPTURE that teaches what they say the Bible teaches.

    Please keep 'em coming!


  • YoursChelbie

    Here's a few JW teachings that are not Bible based:

    *Children should be encouraged to get baptized.

    *Watchtower magazine and other literature is the means God is using to dispense "food at the proper time."

    *Judicial meetings are only to be held in closed rooms without the entire congregation watching and participating.

    *God has always had an organization. (the Jews were separated into two kingdoms so there wasn't one unified or centralized leadership for many years.)


  • AuldSoul

    Great points, YC! Those are going in the collection for sure.

    Just to clarify, there is no need for an alternate belief to be provable. The only requirement is they can't find Scriptural basis for their belief. They claim to use the Scriptures ONLY for their doctrine and the purpose of collecting these is to prove unequivocally that this claim is UNTRUE.

    As in disproving any claim, there is no logical need to present an alternate TRUTH to disprove an UNTRUTH.


  • greendawn

    Did anyone mention the expulsion from the Christian Covenent of virtually all JWs because supposedly only an x number of persons can enter it and that number has already been reached?

    Or anyone running ahead of the so called FDS will be expelled and not allowed back even if the FDS later comes round to the same idea? The unforgivable crime is trying to point out something before the FDS finds out about it. A fascist mentality no doubt.

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