Why would a current JW choose to be rude and offensive?

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  • greendawn

    I am not saying they are not what they claim to be but we must also have in mind the fact that people on the internet can assume any identity that is not theirs even a man can present himself as a woman or a 50 year old as a teenager.

  • M.J.
    A particularly bad habit amongst the JW's in this neck of the woods, is calling "worldly" people they dislike "it".

    "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again..."

    --Silence of the Lambs

  • Super_Becka

    Ahh yes, I'm a mere non-JW with no Biblical training or anything like that, but I managed to get myself into a small war of words with a "current JW" on this forum, too. (Maybe it was the same JW you mention, AA??) And the funniest thing is, that I just asked him a simple question and requested a simple response and he proceeded to treat me like a sack of dog-s#!t. Classy, real classy. I don't know how these arrogant JWs can expect people to listen to them, believe them and follow them when they treat all of us "unbelievers" like unworthy scum. Whatever happened to, "Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you"??

    My personal conclusion on why they behave like that is that they're afraid. They're afraid to find out that the WTS has been lying to them. They're afraid to admit that maybe, just maybe, the beliefs of others might have some merit. They're afraid to admit that maybe they're wrong or inaccurate in some things. And they're afraid to take another look at their belief system, just in case it all crumbles, not to mention the whole disfellowshipping bit. After all, they're so brainwashed in WTS teachings that if they lost all of that, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. What would they have left?? They'd have to start over, filled with doubts, and that can't be a pleasant prospect.

    To me, their arrogance and holier-than-thou behaviour is just a defence mechanism.

    I even had another poster PM me to apologize for how I was treated by the aforementioned "current JW" poster, which was really nice, I appreciate knowing that not everyone here is an arrogant jacka$$. I know not to take insults and intolerance from JWs personally, I'm secure in my beliefs and I'm not afraid to question them, and I feel sorry for the JWs out there who don't have the freedom to do that.

    -Becka :)

  • M.J.

    Something CYP posted a while back...I think it was directed to AFIN (another case-in-point),

    We are a communal animal. We use those around us to verify and validate our perceptions and conclusions. It keeps us from getting too detached from reality. It keeps us from engaging in wild fantasies and self-aggrandizing delusions. That is likely to happen to any of us in the absence of that constant reality check from our peers. You see it is simply human nature (pride) to imagine the world thinks us a lot more important than we really are.

    Unfortunately if we get around several people who share our delusions it can provide our fantasy with an illusion of reality! So much so, we are able to hold very tenaciously to those delusions. Then when someone does come around who challenges those most cherished beliefs, we are forced to rationalize it...

    ...such a clash with reality from an outside source is quite disturbing to our mind, resulting in an overwhelmingly negative backlash to the source of the "problem".

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    anger is a response to pain

    what is paining them? injury to either or both their own self view and their ideal fantasy world view... those who threaten

    it are paining them and they respond with anger which often seems like arrogance.

    Hatred is founded on the belief that some aspects of reality are evil or wrong and need to be destroyed, removed or imprisoned by whatever means necessary with as great a passon as one can muster.... black and white good vs evil views often cause this and JWs are far from the only ones so infected.

    Children seems to naturally develope very concrete ideals and poke fun, taunt and even harm anyone or anything that does not match up... some adults have simply refined this stradegy, some have just retained it raw.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    IMO, M.J. hit the nail on the head: of course it is not a Christian trait - it is a cult mentality! "Cult" and "brainwashed" sound scary, but that is exactly what we are talking about here.

    I think Abaddon also made a great and simple observation here: jdubs feel "misunderstood" most of the time. They are full of suppressed anger because of it.

    I always thought that ARROGANCE was (and still is) one of the main characteristics of WTS company culture. It tends to tricle down to some of the other Chosen.

  • cheezy

    Why would a current JW choose to be rude and offensive?

    Being that we are all human beings first and JWs or ex-JWs second the question is:

    Why do human beings choose to be rude and offensive? I think TD was on the right track with flight or fight. That response is a result of FEAR. I believe some JWs may feel so threatened by those who are knowledgeable about their belief system that their FEAR of being wrong results outwardly in anger. Don't you think that most dubs harbor at least a shred of doubt within their bosoms? We all did and we acted upon that doubt. So we are several steps ahead of them - and we know everything that they know, plus what we have been freed to learn about the WTS since leaving.

    Good observations here about the cult mentality, which just might inspire me to start a new thread...................!

  • rebel8
    What motivates this behavior?

    A personality deficit causing an obsession to feel superior to others, and having only one vehicle to accomplish that (religion). We ex-jws, as obviously morally deficient individuals (giant eye roll), are the narcissistic supply. http://www.angelfire.com/ego/narcissism/supply.html

  • Golf

    AA, consider yourself lucky, at least you get to talk to him/them, not me.

    For me, I would let the person talk himself out and then thank him for his thoughts. Since he was 'insulting' to the Mrs, well, that's a horse of a different color. I had an experience a few years back with a well known poster, he had made some 'demeaning' remarks about my wife. He would have never said such things about my wife in my presence.

    This elder reminds me of some arrogant s.o.b. golf professionals. You'll always find people of this nature in all walks of life. First of all, this elder is not a Bible Character and secondly, I don't recall Jesus ever speaking to any of his disciples in that manner. He's a witness not a Christian.

    As you say, he's arrogant.

    "A mild answer, when mild, turns away rage, but a word causing pain makes anger to come up." Prov.15:1


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