College deletions?

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  • avishai

    Ironic, considering that for a long time one of the requirements to be on the governing body was a college degree, as a matter of fact, they may have even been successfully sued due to this.

  • cheezy
    or you have here individuals that are exceeding their authority on their own initiative.

    Sweet Jesus! Don'tcha know it happens all the time in officious, policing-type organizations - SS, military (Abu Ghraib)? And don't think the upper echelon doesn't know about it and tacitly condone it by a slap on the wrist or looking the other way.

    These guys in the local congs are not Supreme Court justices - but they are given the rule books and sent out there to police the ignorant R&F - sometimes they have to shoot from the hip. At some point they have to interpret the "laws" to fit a specific situation. Is it any wonder they dork up the whole thing on a regular basis?

  • stillconcerned

    heaven FORBID you learn independent thinking.....

  • zagor
    Ironic, considering that for a long time one of the requirements to be on the governing body was a college degree, as a matter of fact, they may have even been successfully sued due to this.

    didn't know that but have seen elders who have degrees but discouraging their kids from getting one under the influence of Brooklynology, I guss just a cascading effect of general attitude.

    On the other hand when you consider how boastful they are when say a scientist becomes a j-dub it is truly ironic. But as in any such organization they don't want too many smart people all they wants are intellectually lazy dormant who will take any word from them as if it is coming from heavens


  • TopHat

    They are becoming real little SHITLERS...aren't they

  • TopHat

    There is definitly nothing else. Another brother, an elder, who was taking night classes had to quit. They gave my dad a week to get me to quit, a couple of elders have asked me to quit so my dad could remain an elder. The CO wrote me a letter about this.

    Is it possible to post the letter on the board? I would like to see it. Of course I understand if you do not want to post the letter in public.

  • Collegegurl

    I have always been afraid of getting caught. Thats why i normally don't post. I just couldn't believe this was happening to my dad and no one else was mentioning it. I usually read it here first. I don't want to post the letter, it could come back to me. My dad thought this was society policy and didn't want to be labeled a trouble maker by writing the society. This CO is the worst I've ever had, he was always anti-college even before the watchtower article. He's anti health insurance too, (trust in jehovah, not man) which is interesting given that blood letter. I think he likes having power. It must just be him acting like the SS.

  • serendipity

    That CO is a hypocrite. His healthcare is picked up by the friends. The congregations don't pay medical expenses for each other. They barely will bring around food for a sick or recovering person.

  • Margie
    He's anti health insurance too

    WTF? Anti health insurance?! I could sort of see being anti health care -- stupid as that may be -- but anti health insurance? This guy must be off his rocker. Has he ever explained the thinking behind his bizarre position?

  • DannyHaszard

    Yep,no college i go back 3rd gen born JW 1957 and college was forbidden with countless horror stories i heard for years of one's who rejected jehovers counsel and went to the dogs.

    In the Rockland Massachusetts kingdom hall of Jehovah's Witness we had one outstanding case of a MS who went to broadcasting school for two years and he was covered because his unbelieving worldly father made him.

    I engage dubs all over in forums who revile me as liar for my claim the Watchtower opposes higher educ.From what i read over at the young dub favored myspace forum they are all in college and loving it.My last year of formal school was age 14 7th grade in 1972 when i got a medical exemption from sitting in a classroom due to brutal ulcerative colitis disease.I had school counselors who cheered me to continue my education as i was an A student.I rejected their advice as a direct result of the WT's end of the world 1975 prediction.

    Typically the first thing a totalitarian regime does is intern 'intellectuals' to 'reeducation camps' or murder them.Just like the Watchtower good ole boys they wanna keep em barefoot n' pregnant.-Danny Haszard

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