College deletions?

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  • Collegegurl

    According to our new CO, elders nor their children are allowed to go to college. My dad is being deleted. Evidently new material was presented at the elder school. Those who go to college are not exemplarily, other privilages can be taken away. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  • AlmostAtheist


    Have you heard any definition for "college"? Do they mean even going for a 2-year degree? What about some other school, like massage therapy or something?

    Pharisees, washing up to their elbows...


  • stillajwexelder

    no surely this is going way beyond what is written

  • JT

    this was what happened years ago in the late 70's esp if the elder kid with OUT OF TOWN to college, livning on campus, etc

    was considered not a good example- a bethel friend of mine was not reappointed as a ms when he left bethel due to going to college

    ken karis was the co who told him as a former bethelite he was not exemplary for going to college after leaving bethel, it gave the impression that bethel did not train you for theoutside

    he was told this straight to his face by ken karis the co

    hey ken --if you read this you know me very well here in DC

  • Mysterious

    I could see them taking a hard line if you were living on campus. That pretty much shows that you have become immursed in a worldly lifestyle. But there are lots here taking little bit courses. Medical receptionist, sign language, etc. that haven't faced any action. Some of them are pioneering while they are doing it though.

  • Axelspeed

    Welcome Collegegurl!

    AA, I believe the wt had a recent study on education a few weeks ago. The latest is that 2yr degree = good, 4yr degree = bad especially anything technically related.

    I wonder if this type of action is an isolated event or standard policy now?


  • blondie

    Won't be the first time elders have crossed the line. I can see them saying that the elder and his family are not setting a good example. If their child is grown and not living at home though, that would be extremely extreme. I can see the elders not appointing young JWs as pioneers if they are going to 4 year or more college. Not exemplary, you know. If the elders are not toeing the line, the WTS admin knows that the rank and file will not. Each BOE is given a lot of latitude on these things, that is, one BOE may do this and one in the same town will not.


  • serendipity

    Hi collegegurl!

    Welcome to the forum! Did your dad choose to get deleted, rather than make you quit college? If so, good for him and you.

  • greendawn

    If an elder gets deleted he will benefit by giving less of his time to slave for the borg. It's good for him.

  • rekless

    What hypocrites! It is ok for them to pay for colledge education for those who will be the organizations lawyers but "don't you rank and file go get any knowledge, it will corrupt you stay close to Jah's organization for he will teach you all things for life."

    Class of ...Makes this 60 year old sick with 35 years of wasted days and wasted nights.

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