What comforts you when you no longer believe in a ressurrection ?

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  • prologos
    The hope of a resurrection is just another religious tactic to denigrate the present precious life and defer it's importance to the uncertain future, a future that is always different from what wt promised. Great Comfort from the NON-RESURRECTION belief? WOW! what a life, all the learning in our generation (vintage circa 1930). and looking forward to the OT hope: "dying old and satisfied", even as Albert the great with his notebook in his hand, leaving the unfinished work to the young! Achieving the two certain ways into the future: "Legacy and offspring" If there is immortality, resurrection, bring it on! Icing on the cake.
  • smiddy

    I would say facing the facts of life,we are born , we live , grow old and die , if we are fortunate .

    The resurrection is on the never,never , plan , just like Armageddon and the promised New World , it aint gonna happen.


  • EdenOne

    As JWs we've invested so much of our lives into ensuring our ticket into the next life; in most cases, such investment meant giving up things that give meaning to this life - family, children, education, travel, celebrations, careers, hobbies, relationships, and the list goes on - that the idea that there may be no resurrection seems too terrifying to contemplate.


  • Xanthippe

    Hope you are doing ok at this sad time Eden. Yes we were taught to give up everything for eternal life. Why would any god ask that of us? Not that I believe in god now but I find it hard to remember I actually thought that.

    Just living in the now seems to be working for me. Life is good now, who knows what tomorrow may bring. Tomorrow may be better than today.

  • looter
    One thing that comforts me about not believing in resurrections is that you will no longer erroneously feel that that someone will come back. Like that mendacious hope that you have when you believe in it when someone dies. On the other hand You limpidly do not appreciate when they were here as much as you would if you did not believe. Yeah about resurrections and the dead and gone. "I will optically discern them anon" That is what they verbalize when they believe. Another route. You might as well believe in zombies because this is assuredly the polar antithesis of the credence God will bring back the non living. All in all it avails you to appreciate life more overall other than wasting it because you believe it will be a fairy tale later.
  • MissFit

    Great thoughtful replies. I think this is a very important topic to keep on top for awhile.

    This is something all of us will have to face.


    Im so sorry for your loss.

    Miss Fit

  • EdenOne

    Thank you. It's actually harder for my wife, as it was her mother. But in fact she was the best mother-in-law I could ever have hoped to have. A true force of nature, an example of bravery, long-suffering through a slow killer disease.


  • Scully

    The thought of a future Resurrection™ can delay the normal grieving process. The WTS uses phrases like "asleep in death" to minimize the reality and finality of death and capitalize on their Resurrection™ doctrine. It keeps so many people entrenched in the belief system: they feel they have to remain faithful in order to realize that promise of seeing loved ones again. They use it as a stick to keep people in line: "What will we tell your grandma and grandpa when they are Resurrected™ in the Paradise™ and you aren't there?"

    When I finally let go of the idea of Resurrection™, long-shelved grief over the loss of my grandparents and parents-in-law was overwhelming. I'd never cried over their deaths before then, because they were simply "asleep" until Jehovah's Time™ to bring them back to us. I was angry over the lie plus grief-stricken, and it hit me HARD.

    As a measure of comfort, I planted a memory garden - a different rose for each loved one who has died. It's a lovely place to meditate and remember these special people.

  • MissFit

    ((Scully)) Thanks for your heart felt post. I think that explains why my nephew's death hit me so hard. Having that crutch torn away can be so unbalancing. But freeing. The dead loved ones are not hostages to use to keep us in line any more.

  • MissFit

    Eden: if it helps talking about her, please share your memories.

    Please convey my deepest condolences to your wife. I know it feels so helpless to watch soneone you love grieve. I hope you can find comfort and strength in each others love and support.

    All my best, Miss Fit

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