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  • Tez

    Who here has become involved with another religion since leaving the borg, and what was it that drew you to it?? Any 'born agains'?

    (Ok Mum, you may have suspected I would post this!)

  • ballistic

    No, I have become quite settled believing that we don't have all the answers, although it took some time to arrive there.

  • dedpoet

    Not me,

    Thirteen mostly - unpleasant years (especially the 8 active ones) in the last one were more than enough

    I think I would find it hard to trust any religion after that


  • PoppyR

    Not been out very long! But somehow doubt I'll be joining another religion, the 'Jesus loves you' thing still grates on me, and I dont know if that's years of conditioning or just the whole British thing! I do love the pentecostal services though with the music and dancing, I feel that's much closer to worship.

    Guess I have a long road to travel before I decide if I'm settling down anywhere.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Nope - takes a while to sort it out after the borg - then a while more to know where you are going.

    Kinda like stepping off the Tilt-o-Whirl. Everything just spins for a while.

    I have come to accept that we just don't have any clear pathway that is correctly called 'Truth'. I don't think I will try and find it any more. But I might settle into a church somewhere, sometime. when it makes sense to do that.

    Freedom is worth it - but the choices aren't as clear as they are for the captives.


  • ozziepost
    Who here has become involved with another religion since leaving the borg?

    Mrs Ozzie and I became christians. Does that count?

  • Tez

    Of course it counts Ozzie! but in what way do you mean you have 'become' Christians, didn't you consider yourself as Christian when you were a JW??

    Forgive me all for asking this, I suppose it is a sensitive issue, but like some of you that have already answered I have felt that there possibly is no 'truth' any more, but I hear from some who feel they have found it elsewhere so I am intrigued.

  • Jordan

    No but I have spent some time looking at the face of various religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, even Paganism, but to be honest, I really don't have the energy or the will to want to look for another religion, I'm more than happy just being indifferent.

  • Honesty

    How come those Aussies get such a head start on evreyone else?

    As soon as I saw the question, the answer popped into my head but before I found the reply link Ozzie's post jumped up and bit again.

    Oh well, at least its right side up here.

    I became a Christian after I left the Watchtower corporation, too.

    Who here thinks JW's are Christian? Better leave that one for another thread.

  • Satanus

    Leaving the wt, i immediately slid into christianity of the born again variety. Imo, they follow the nt much better than the jws do. After 2 yrs in there, i found out about the many bible problems, and left it.

    Many people here don't consider jws to be christian for some of the following reasons:

    1 their primary focuss on the ot jewish system for guidance

    2 at the memorial, practically noone partakes, leaving them not joined w christ

    3 they teach that the new covenant is not for the jws, except the anointed

    4 they don't allow too much attention focused on jesus. They df people who do that (christians).


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