Lern,to/spel;and "punctuate"!!!!!

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  • Mysterious

    Oh god, when people respond to me and I don't even know what they are talking about it's the worst. I sit there going um..I'd like a chance to refute you but I haven't a clue what you are going on about. Is it really that hard to type words out in full such as "you" "to" "are" etc? It just makes your argument look far less credible.

    I'd also like to make a case against people that use one paragraph where there should have been three or four, just makes my eyes bleed to try and read it.

  • belbab

    I try to get punctuation and spelling write right. Do you all all of you type in JWD posting box?

    When the post is a short one, I do. But my typing can't keep up with my thoughts. If I stop to correct spelling of a word I am not sure of, I lose my thread of thought.

    I have Google spell check on my tool bar. If I click on it, which I have done a few times, my whole post disappears. I have re-typed whole messages from memory, at times, three times in an effort to get it right. Now I am afraid to leave the message box for any reason at all.

    If I have a long post, then I write it in word, spell check it, copy to notepad, copy it to here, and then go through and highligt and edit in emphasis, color etc. then I hit submit post and then find that the formatting turned out wrong or not the way I wanted it.

    OK, me myself and gramma Mouthy and Bigmouth will just have to live with it.

  • carla

    giv em uh brake, know colleg was aloud u no! sum even had to kwuit hiskool befour 1975 and even after sometymes. Besides, dontchya no? the Awake is equivuhlent to colleg.

  • greendawn

    As on all forums it's obvious that one's spelling has to be good enough to render the posts legible but occasional spelling mistakes are not a problem and most people make some. Can't expect perfection in this world.

  • mouthy

    OK, me myself and gramma Mouthy and Bigmouth will just have to live with it.

    O.K. Walter I AM liiving with it

  • prophecor

    Y'alls is funny

  • DavidChristopher


    I forgive you, and thank you for not bringing to light my serious grammer shortcomings in my posts. Sometimes I go through mine, and can't read them. Gives me something else to strive for though.

  • Jeffro

    I think what bigmouth meant to say was:

    Maybe I'm tired, but........_at the risk of seeming overly critical,_there have been a number of posts on this forum where the spelling and punctuation have been abysmal._I have no problem with the occasional error, but the subjects here tend to be somewhat more complicated, and it makes it too much of an effort if I have to keep re-reading things to figure out what the missing word was or where the sentence ends._One academic said it was no big deal as even his professors were poor spellers!_Well I've got news for you guys! If you don't sharpen up your grammer grammar, I'm not even going to try to give you the courtesy of figuring out what you're talking about.

    Now,_I'm going to have shower and go to bed, and I want this thing sorted out by tomorrow._Love, Pete.
  • bigmouth

    thanks davidChristopher and Jefro, I feel a wee bit better.


    Git ore youself....


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