Lern,to/spel;and "punctuate"!!!!!

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  • ozziepost
    I am not game to leave the screen because I can't find where I left off

  • PoppyR
    am not game to leave the screen because I can't find where I left off

    lmao.. I'll try. I am very wordy I know.. just try me in person. But to be honest, I dont think your eyes SHOULD leave the screen in the middle of one of my posts!!

    I'm offended you even thought about doing that,

    In fact I may write another post topic about how offended I am people stop reading in the middle of a post!


    Poppy xxx

  • ozziepost

    Ahh, poppy! we need more posters like you! It must be the Leicestershire air, eh?

  • wombat

    PoppyR..........Please accept my humblest apologies.

    Just imagine a "pragraph" (as Ozzie says) as a deep breath between sentences.

    Verily, I shall hang on thine every word in future and, nay, never shall minest eyes wander from the screen wheneverest thou spakes.

    Nayest shall I ever spake ill words to thou again.

    Shit...I'm really getting carried away here. Maybe-est I should go to bed.

    Love Wombat.

  • PoppyR

    Aww. guys, you're making me blush

    Do people breathe between sentences?? Maybe that's why I keep passing out!

    Ozzie.. not sure it's the air in leicestershire, think it's Retail Therapy this morning!

    G'nite Wombat and thanks for a good laugh, just what I needed (just what everyone needs!)

    Poppy xx

  • mouthy

    OH I am so sorry- but you see could I explain just a little why I am so ignorant!!!?
    First at 11 years of age -I was shipped of to Wales( where they didnt speak my language -no school either) Why because there was a Crises -Threat of war.!!!
    Then I was taken home for a short while then was evacuated to Devon-at 12 years old.-- because bombs were falling on London where I lived-( schooling was sparse- so many kids not enough teachers.
    I came home at 14 years of age when we all had to leave school ---if you were with out money to go higher.And of course I was not very well versed in all that YOU want.
    At 16 I was married>>> Yes I learned how to do what comes naturally...& by the age of 21 I had 3 kids.No time to learn much except being a good MUM.
    Then at 19 yrs of age I came to Montreal- As a War-bride ---Most around me only spoke French .
    The Jehovahs Witnesse's knocked on my door & offered to TEACH me!!!! FREE!!!! So I really wanted to be smart( like you want- & are it seems) I took them up on it. Gave 25 years of my life--- To learn!!! LIES!!!!
    Now at 78 I am enjoying the fellowship of kind loving people on this board - who except me warts & all ( bad spelling, no puntuations, ) Because the Wt took away my kids- grand-kids- Great grand kids.
    So please do as you suggest skip reading this ignorant old lady


  • Bryan

    surely you can understand what we are saying without the proper spelling and punkuassion


  • under74

    mouthy, don't take pete's words to heart. He did, afterall, post this under the "bible" topic.

  • Spectrum

    So apart from separating a list where else should one use a comma correctly? I remember my teacher saying that commas are not that obvious as to its uses. Any grammar teachers here?

    I pasted the sentence below from this web page without the comma it still makes sense.
    "By posting on this forum, you agree to abide by the guidelines"

  • wombat


    "I pasted the sentence below from this web page without the comma it still makes sense."

    I really think that you should have used a "full stop" after the word "comma". Otherwise it doesn't really make sense.

    I hope that you aren't taking this seriously...............

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