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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Hi Lazluli,

    I hope you'll heal quickly over this break. Better to have happened now though, than shortly after getting married.

    As for having doubting the "Truth" or not, most of us here have gone through this, and I agree with so many other posters here. I encourage you to research the history of their teachings thouroughly. Note the kinds of changes made. Look at how they quote (selectively? misquote?) other sources. Then decide for yourself. Don't be afraid to ask anything on this board. There are some very knowledgable people here who can give you alot of useful info.

  • funkyderek


    It's not that I'm having doubts about the truth

    You should always have doubts. Doubts prompt us to investigate what we are told. Don't let anybody stop you doing this. If something is true, then it will still appear so after rigorous investigation, and you can be more confident that you are correct, having fully explored the alternative possibilities.

  • rebel8

    It is prudent to check into JWs before making a committment. To check into them only by hearing their side of things is not thorough. Please visit this link and read the info about JWs, then please verify it all for yourself. Links and references to the proof are provided. After you've verified it for yourself, take a good long time to think deeply about the JWs. Ask yourself if what you've found out is consistent with the claim that they are the one and only true organization of an infallible God.

    Make your decision about the religion first. After that your decision about your relationship with your BF will be clear.

  • lazuli

    Thanx for all your posts. I was having doubts about the truth, and then one pf the elders from the congregation died and his funeral was las night, after going there I realized that this was th truth and I shouldn't doubt it. I have been getting so much pressure from my parents because my mom is completely against thi, she's threatened to kick me out and well our relationship has completely detiriorated, but then again it wsn't that good to begin with. My dad is also very disappointed in me but he really doesn't know anything about the Jehovah's Witnesses so his view is very stereotypical. I'm not going to stop going to the kingdom because this has been the one thing that has brought me absolute inner peace and I've never a closer union than that of the JWs. I just feel so pressured now and it kills me to see that my familiy is so disappointed in me. I feel very lost beause everyone around me is putting so much pressure about this. About my ex-bf, I see him at the kingdom hall but I've pretty much given up on him now. I feel so much turmoil inside me but the tought of leaving the JWs breaks my heart, any suggestions???

  • lazuli

    By the way, that link didn't work

  • lazuli

    I haven't been baptized yet. I've been getting study for nine months and I go to the wed and sun meeting and I'm going to start going to the book study soon. My parents have always heard that the JWs are a cult and that they're going to brainwash me and ask me for money, plus the fat that kept it hidden from my mom for so long makes her see it as if the JWs were taking her daughter away

  • lazuli

    Thanx, I have a friend (non-JW) that also tells me to put this whole JW thing off for a while but this has helped me a lot and I have met very close friends. About my ex, I am still attatched, we were together for a long time and he was my first love. Besides that he alwyas told me that we would be together forever, that he didn't get into this relationship to see it come to an end, we had our WEDDING planned, out kid's names, where we were going to live, he promised he would never leave me, he promised he would never stopped loving me, but he did. It was, IS, heartbreaking for me. After we broke up I didn't eat for three days straight, I couldn't sleep so I had to take sleeping pills, and I lost 10 pounds in one week, and I went a little psychotic.....I know how pathetic this sounds but I was REALLY in love with him, and I still am, probably just with the memory of him now, he's become a complete stranger to me. It's so hard for me to see him at the kingdom hall and shake his hand and now that he's not mine, I can't just be his friend. We had the perfect love story and that's why its so hard for me to let go. It's as is Romeo had told Juliet, "you know, I think I'll try my luck elsewhere." Its been over four months, in which we've talked, argued, had intimacy about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but then he told me that it was just old feelings, so now I'm completely miserable and disillusioned. I'm sorry I went off like this, but yes I am still very attatched....

  • lazuli

    I do know that song, its funy you should mention it because right around the time that that song came out was when I met my ex, and he was very into usic and everything so since I liked that song he told me that he would take me to a Jimmy Eat World concert, we were just friends then, then as my thing I told him I would buy him a lightsaber one day because he is a mega star wars fan, and sure enough, two years later, I bought him his lightsaber the first we went to disneyland together and bout two years after that he took me to a Jimmy Eat World concert, which was the last concert we went to.

  • lazuli

    I know that breaking up with him was the right choice, it hurts like hell, but he's ok, he's not heartbroken and never was. As a matter of fact, now that I think of it he left me long before I left him, and I don't understaind how someone can just stop loving you like that, without you even noticing it, or wanting to notice it rather. Our relationship didn't end because of the JWs, he did say that he wanted to grow spiritually but that was just one of his excuses. Its just that now I can't picture myself leaving, espeially because of the great people and close friends I've met there

  • Spectrum


    "and then one pf the elders from the congregation died and his funeral was las night, after going there I realized that this was th truth"
    How did you manage to realise it is the truth from a funeral?

    "and I shouldn't doubt it."
    That's a mistake. You should always research.

    You say that the Kingdom Hall has brought absolute inner peace but your experiences belie that. Are you sure you have inner peace?


    There is not much we can suggest you have already made your mind up.

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