Self Mutilation - In A "Spiritual Paradise"? Awake Feb '06

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  • metatron

    I found this latest article in the Awake to be quite remarkable. While they try to explain cutting yourself as a sickness in the world, it

    nevertheless makes clear that some Witness kids are committing this self multilation, too. I had to wonder whether this was a sudden

    rare burst of honesty on the part of the Awake writers - or whether the problem had gotten so bad in congregations that they were compelled

    to comment on it.

    At the bottom of the article, it poses some questions:

    "What are some alternatives to cutting when you feel depressed?"

    In whom could you confide if you have a problem with cutting?"

    Things like this hit you with the clarity of a two by four right between the eyes.

    How can this "spiritual paradise" go on like this, attracting aberrations and sickness, while exalting themselves as the favored of God?

    When do they hit bottom? I am reminded of the Nazi's love of children - in which they were valued as future housefraus and warrior

    soldiers - but never as human beings. The Awake cover features "Old Age- Meeting the Challenge" as if the organization had any

    greater need for more pictures of smiling, wrinkled faces, while the next generation of Witness kids is lost. Perhaps it's all for the best,

    as their supply of future magazine peddlers "leaves the truth", hopefully, to find solace somewhere else.


  • Pistoff

    This is not uncommon; I am close to several people who were able to get some relief from this when the LEFT the spiritual paradise.

  • hamsterbait

    True mental illness is so distressing that nobody can blame or condemn.

    Self harmers are to be pitied and loved. It happpens so much outside the borg no one can blame the WBTS for this terrible illness.


  • juni

    Hi Metratron,

    Am familiar with this problem. They always want to paint a rosy picture of the Org. They don't want to own their problem that these things exist within the cong. This has been around for a long time and they are just now recognizing it? Actually, to the psychiatric world of medicine it is referred to as self-abuse. Of course we all know that the Org. gets hung up on anything sexual so always self-abuse equates with masturbation.

    They think they are the experts with that WT college degree that comes from reading their lit. They don't want to deal w/reality. Quite a few people suffer from this frustrating condition. Inflicting pain on one's self brings relief from stress and therefor pleasure to the psyche.

    Thanks for the info from the mag. as I don't read the stuff anymore. Juni~~~~~~~~~~

  • hamsterbait

    not so extreme, but there was a young guy at my hall who had serious kleptomaniacal and gnawing problems.

    he could not have pocket money cause he would buy erasors and eat them.

    When he was arrested for shoplifting the elders DFd him. His parents and siblings argued that he was ILL. no mercy.

    Entire family was DF.

    Such mercy to the helpless....


  • Scully

    Back when the "Young People Ask... " articles applied to me, whenever they talked about self-mutilation it was almost always in reference to tattoos or having more than one piercings on the ear lobes. The usual admonition was that people who had tattoos (male or female) or more than one set of earring piercings (if you were a girl) would not qualify for Privileges™ like passing the microphone at the KH, auxiliary or regular pioneering or sometimes even commenting at the meetings.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that despite the fact that they are publishing this article about a very serious problem, they are still lumping tattoos and piercings in the Self-Mutilation pile.

    What's next?!? an article on auto-erotic asphyxiation??... and lumping it into their masturbation-leads-to-homosexuality pile?

  • stillajwexelder

    What's next?!? an article on auto-erotic asphyxiation??... and lumping it into their masturbation-leads-to-homosexuality pile?

    Quite frankly Scully, nothing would suprise me anymore

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Yep, friend of mine from way back who was raped by an elder (and kept quiet about it for all those years ever since until this elder from a prominent jdub family died in very good standing) scratched the skin on one arm until it was as rigid as cardboard... touched it myself...


    You misspelled: it is litter-rature.

  • bigmouth

    Over half the members of my psych group self-harm.Razors,ballpoint pens and cigarette burns are the most common.I think I'll ask how many were raised as Witnesses on Thursday morning.

  • Scully

    I knew someone in high school who wasn't into cutting, but she would take the erasers off the ends of HB pencils and use the metal part that held the eraser to gouge her fingernails... not the tips of the nails, but the part where you apply nail polish. Thinking back on it now, she seemed to almost have to get herself in a trance-like state to do it... a few times she got through the whole nail thickness and exposed the skin of the nail bed.... she seemed quite pleased with that achievement.

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