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  • FreeWilly

    Hi Kerri, welcome!

    Kerri: "when they come around to teach me things i dont have back up only what i read of the internet which isnt much and they getaround it"

    Yep. And when you go to buy a car, the salesman will have all the answers too. It doesn't matter if they are selling a BMW or a 1974 rusted out Chevy truck. It's the bestest car in the world! They anticipate the customer's objections and rehearse their answers - just like JW's!

    What you are going to find is JW's will start to discourage you from doing research on them or getting you information from somewhere else. Hell just look at Quango. He's already trying to scare you out of here!

    * They will try to get you to only read the New World Translation. Why do you think that is ?

    * If you mention the internet they will say "oooooooow, you better be careful, scary scary!"

    * They will try to tell you to avoid all other religious information except for theirs.

    Don't be duped, it might just cost you big time! Just keep researching them and keep your eyes wide open, you'll figure it all out soon enough. ADVICE!! Pay close attention to all of the family issues descibed here and elsewhere - they are real. People can argue over religion all day, but the Family issues are the real danger with JW's.

  • LittleToe

    I'd love to have my parents and my brothers properly back in my life. As for my wife, sadly that's finished

    I do have my sister and my nephews, though, as she left the JWs too

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