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  • bigmouth

    Hi Kerri from over the ditch.When I began studying with the witnesses many moons ago I was blown away with their ability to answer my questions,in fact,they even brought up questions that I had never even thought to ask.And the answers were often plausible and satisfying.Now,22 years later,I am horrified at how easily I gave my heart and my MIND to this organisation.You said" but something inside says get more info."Man are you lucky something inside spoke to you!!Learn all you can and then form your own opinion.Maybe post something on 'Friends' so more people see you and welcome.Pete.

    Oops,hi onetwofour.

  • kep81

    Thanx bigmouth

    Another thing i been hearing from people is the rules that jws have once you join but how do you find them out before hand, they only seem to tell you the ones that are clearly stated in the bible what god doesnt want you to do. I WANT TO KNOW THEIRS!!!

  • yesidid

    Hi Kerri,

    Welcome. I agree JW's do seem to have answers to many questions. And as you said, you have not had experience with religion so it's difficult to know if the

    answers are in harmony with the rest of the Bible or if they are taken out of context etc. I was brought up a Witness and believed it for over fifty years. Yes that's 50.

    Then I found they had systematically deceived me. I was heart-broken.

    May I suggest the best thing you could do is go to and order the book Crisis of Conscience. It was written by one of the governing body from

    headquarter in Broklyn. That will tell you all you need to know.

    I just see your second post. Well the main thing to know about their rules is this:



    And yes I am shouting. I want everyone to know about it.


  • dedpoet

    Hi Kerri, and welcome to the board. I am glad you found us, you have come to the right place if you want to find out about the jws "rules", many on here have fallen foul of them at some time. That's why we are no longer jws. As for the rules, here are a few

    You must attend 5 meetings per week

    You must put in at least 10 hours per month field service

    You must give them your money

    You must limit or break off completely all association with non - jw friends and family

    You must completely shun all who leave the jws, even if they were your best friend

    You must not question any of the jw teachings

    You must not think for yourself, the elders will do your thinking for you

    You must not read any literature from another religious group

    You must not listen to music not approved by the jws

    You must not watch tv programmes that they do not approve of

    Thats just a few of the many, I hope it helps

    take care


  • kep81

    Thank you yesidid for the advice. Its good that there are some people out there willing to help me out. I have written emails to other religions with no reply that was over a month ago so the only info i have been able to get is from the jws and now on here. I recently asked a jw about all the mistakes they have made and i said to her isnt that false prophecy and she said that there is no such thing as false prophecy now, that was only meant for the time when the bible was being done and once it was finished so was false prophecies and now when they get things wrong and change them its new light. One thing she said to me was when the apostles were with jesus they even got things wrong so if people that were that close with jesus got things wrong then so can the jws. It kinda sounded good to me but at the same time i have little knowledge of that so i ask anyone is that true did that happen and whats your take on false prophecy. thanx

  • kep81

    DEDPOET............ are you serious i would have to break ties with my family because they are non jws and my step father because he is a ex jw. I havent heard that when talking to them ,all its been is we got to have love and god knows my heart. That cant be right a couple of them i know are married to non jw some for over 20 years they said that their partners come under them so wouldnt my family come under me even if they choose not to be jws. Them being jws saves their partners at armageddon.

  • dedpoet

    You would still be able to talk to non - witnesses apart from in field service, when you are expected to actively seek them, but you would be advised to limit association with those outside the org, so as not to be weakened spiritually.

    And as for getting through Armageddon, whatever the jws you are studying with may tell you, they believe that only baptised jws in good standing will survive. If you are married to a non - jw, they will be slaughtered with the rest of us. You really ought to ask them some direct questions about that,and see what they say.

    take care


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Kep81 and Kerri, and onetwofour -

    Welcome to the forum. We are a diverse bunch, but most of us are pretty nice. I know that Happy Dad usually is too - we all get a mood. He is well meaning though. [Maybe too much Christmas cheer?] Just kidding HD - we love ya'.

    Regarding the teachings of Jehovah's witnesses and the effect - may I suggest that you read a book entitled "Crisis of Conscience" written by Raymond Franz who served on the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses for several years before leaving the religion.

    As far as the translation of the Bible called the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures - just google New World Translation - there are not many bible scholars out there that support it's translation - most think - as do I - that it is doctrinally influenced by a single translator who was a JW and wanted to influence future generations to accept his theology. It has worked. I have one on my shelf - but I no longer trust it to tell me the truth.

    Once again - Welcome


  • LittleToe

    Welcome to the forum, guys! I'm Ross from Scotland.

    The JWs have plenty of answers, alright, and allegedly proof-texts to support them. Unfortunately, if you say something convincingly enough you can come across as really smart. I managed that for years as a JW Elder

    They never show you the counterpoints from scripture, or the fact that so many of their strongly held beliefs are conscience matters at best, and outright fabrications in many other cases. In fact, if you attempt to discuss subjects with any level of seriousness they will soon show their colours by diverting your attention onto a subject that they are more familiar with. I know because I was raised with that kind of methodology from birth...

    They are masters of double-speak, and you will be expected to shun ex-JWs (including family members) and seriously curtail non-JW relationships!

    Enjoy the site and hopefully some warm friendships!!!

    The Laodicean connection is to do with Collosians (esp. 4:16), wherein Russell was seen as a bit of a prophet/Apostle.

  • kep81

    If the jws bible is translated inaccuratly can they have it published isnt there some like bible board or something that has to proof it surely they cant just do it themselves. How does it all work for example could i if i study greek and hebrew go and translate a bible and make copies and hand it out.


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