Another Watchtower Christmas Lie

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  • skeeter1


    I remember the WTS teaching that the shepards would not have been out in the snow/cold, and that was proof that Jesus was not born in December. I saw Bethleham on the news the other night, and it looked cool but it was not a scene from Antartica either. I also remember reading somewhere that at the time of Christ's birth that each town had to keep a small flock nearby the town to feed the people. Remember, there were no grocery stores or refrigeration in those days. Does anyone have more information on this? Please post & send me a personal message.



  • rocketman
    If he was, then Mary is back on earth taking care of him

    Actually, Mary is back on earth, working as a stripper with the moniker "The Virgin Mary". The club she dances at, needless to say, is packed every night she works.

    Offending The Religious Right Class

  • Ellie

    Yeah, they make out its so wrong to think of him as he was as a baby, like thats disrespectful or something, well, if thats the case then I would think it would be disrespectful to think of him as a man at all, we should just concentrate on him being a king in heaven.

  • gumby
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  • skeeter1

    Thanks Gumby. What I thought - good weather to be a sheep.

  • IronClaw

    Luke 2:10-14 says that the Angels celebrated the birth of Christ. If it was good enough for the angels its good enough for me. PERIOD.................................................................................................

  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    Everyone knows why Rutherford banned Christmas, because he didn't get any presents unlike everybody else! See picture in the book" faith on the march". It's obvious that Rutherford bought himself his own presents when everyone was getting them from home.

  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    In the back of large print bible Rbi8-E of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, section 8b of the appendix, you will find a chart showing that by the middle of December in Isreal it is warm enough for vegetation to already be developing. To bad Watctower can't read there own bible!! To much snow in the fields for the shepherds and sheep! Bah humbug.

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