Another Watchtower Christmas Lie

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  • gumby

    We all remember one of the arguments the society used to make Christmas look bad.

    They said Christendom at this time of the year, see's Jesus as a little baby in a manger (nativity scene), rather than the King in heaven he now is. That's a lie.

    Ask any christian on this planet if they think Jesus at this time is a little baby in a manger. If he was, then Mary is back on earth taking care of him and Herod is out looking to kill him. It's a wonder those who come out of christendom don't stand up AGAINST that reasoning since they themselves well remember they never viewed Jesus as a baby during christmas before becoming a dub.

    Once again, they talk bullcrap and expect people to swallow it when false reasoning to this degree is unwaranted. Sometime the bastards ain't so smart.....are they?


  • Scully

    Being an atheist, I don't buy into the whole baby Jesus thing, but I have to agree with you that the line of reasoning just doesn't ring true. For anyone who has children, and doesn't spend a few moments on their birthdays remembering what they were like when they were born, it just doesn't seem natural. The great thing about remembering them as newborns is taking pride in the people they have become.

  • LDH
    If he was, then Mary is back on earth taking care of him and Herod is out looking to kill him

    Dr. 90210 : Why Mary, I guess that Obagi is working well for you! You haven't aged a day, in what, 2000+ years.

    Gumby you are right, it's ridiculous.

  • gumby

    Awwwww, ain't he precious?

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    Mary: Aww, isn't he CUTE?

    Joseph: That's my boy. Oh wait.

  • ozziepost


    I agree with you!!!!

    Let me tell you that I attended the church right next to Australia Bethel today and guess what? The sermon was all about considering Jesus, not as a babe in a manger, but as he now is, ruling at the right hand of God!

    Now, all those twerps at the Branch had to do was call in next door and they might have learned something! They'd certainly have learned that what's in the publications is a bare-faced lie. But, of course, they're happy drifting in their sea of misrepresentation!

    Cheers mate,


  • Honesty

    Jesus, what a beautiful name.

    The Watchtower has to deny Him anyway they can in order to maintain their stranglehold on the R&F even if it means lying about how we view Him since leaving the cult.

  • greendawn

    Let's not forget that the JWs don't like honouring Jesus because this detracts from their jehovah and this is the real resaon why Rutherford banned xmas, all the rest about pagan origins etc are just excuses.

  • ozziepost


    Honouring Jesus led to my DF and straight into fellowship with those who did worship the one of whom the Bible says: "all things were created by him and for him". (Col 1:16)

  • gumby
    gumby were so bold to attend a church next to Bethel?!!!!

    Lol, I attended a babtist church with OLdFlame next door to our local Kingdom Hall a few years back also. I felt like I needed to park in the back so no one would see me from my hall. Here I am an ex-dub and proud of it.......yet afaraid the dubs would see me there. spank me

    One of these years, I STILL want to put up a nativity scene in front of our kingdom hall on Christmas eve right after dark. I'll prolly get caught too.


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