Depression, Holidays & JW's

by oldflame 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • gumby
    Gumby came over and we had some good food and good whiskey, watched some good football, lost a buck on the game to Gumby (sucker) but all in all it was a nice day.

    Yea....he lost a buck to me while he dozed off sleepin! Imagine, his favorite football team ( Green Bay Packers) losin and he falls asleep!

    I just wished I could celebrate with my dub family

    The real reason is......he wants to bet against people he can win bets from...... unlike me!

    btw.....thanks OldFlame for giving me a Christmas this year.....I had a great time.

    Gumby.......who's just a tad kweezie in the stomach this mornin

  • BluesBrother
    Tell me what your feelings were then

    A smug feeling of superiority because we were not so "tied to the system" that we had to rush, lemming like, to the shops and carry on with it all... I think that is typical of the witnesses that I know.

    Now? , I just go with the flow. I compromise and do things at work that I would not have done them, {harmless stuff, I mean, because I do not see any need to be different} but among dub family, I just carry on as normal and let it all pass by .. I will secretly be glad to get back to work.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I wouldn't say I got depressed at Christmas, but I was the only member of my family in the org, and I did feel a bit left out at times. However, some of us used to have get - togethers on Christmas Day, parties really of course, but no - one called them that. This year has been my first proper Christmas celebration since 1980, and my family are delighted. I have sent them all cards and gifts, and they have done the same to me. I have enjoyed it, but it's seemed kind of strange.

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