What are your predictions for 2006?

by Omar S. 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    Defd will come back

  • mrsjones5
    Defd will come back

    Oh yeah that's a given *snicker*

  • ColdRedRain

    In no particular order:

    WMD programs are found to have existed in Iraq, which were going to be activated as soon as the US and UN stopped putting the spotlight on Saddam-Lead Iraq. Index copies of biological weapons are found. US liberal media outlets ignores it and focuses on President Bush's latest gramattical gaffe.

    Saddam is executed after being found guilty of war crimes.

    The Democratic party starts beating the anti-war drum for the 2006 election season, but to no avail. Their electoral gains move laterally.

    Brett Favre retires.

    The Bears choke in the playoffs.

    The economy starts exploding.

    Gold futures go on a high bubble.


    Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, A WWE wrestler

  • JH

    I shall sin with

    Awwww, can't stop a rat from dreaming, can you?

  • Plummet

    In the year 2000. . . 6

    My Sister in-law will decide to stay with us for a couple more months

    My Brother in-law and his son (17 y.o. gothic punk "why can't I find a job") will move in to my home

    My Mother in-law will move in too (after she gets kicked out of her low income home, for not following the rules" You Took My Baby." "You want her back?!!")

    I will lose my truck when my brother in-law crashes it while drunk driving (a heavy drinker and drug user "Why can't I keep a job")

    My Big Screen TV will get pawned (Brother in-law pawned his mother's wheechair for drug money "he cant help it", oh yeah

    My nephew will steal from me ("I couldn't get a job and I NEEDED the money for CD's")

    My other in-laws will "borrow" more money from my wife. ("No really, this time our baby is really sick. For reals this time." "When I answered the phone did I say Plummet's Bank?"

    My heating Bill will skyrocket because they are all from Texas. ("It's too Cold for us here." "So why do you think I Live here?")

    I will have to hide most of my tools and other personal belongings in a storage unit. ("I didn't know that was Yours, It didn't have Your name on it.")

    On a more positive note

    I Will continue to loose weight and eat healthy.

    I Will go fishing and camping more often then last year and actually catch fish this time.

    I Will find another job, that brings it up to three, so I never have to go home.

    I Will get my car fixed, and painted (My baby)

    I Will continue to better myself with knowledge, education and experience

    I Will overcome my fears and shyness

    I Will loose 260 pounds in one day, by divorce.

    I Will forever rid myself from the bonds of Watchtower Slavery

    I Will Fulfill my hope and dreams while I'm still young enough to remember them.

    The Bigger Picture

    Bird Flu will strike and mingle with West Nile Virus

    Osama Will be caught

    The war in Iraq will drag on

    Family Guy will make more great shows

    The US will change its name the the United States of Wal-Mart

  • jeanniebeanz

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