What are your predictions for 2006?

by Omar S. 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Undecided

    Golf, we know those things will happen, it does every year. Tell us something different that we don't know about.

    Ken P.

    The tax from other countries happens every time they forgive them of debt they owe the US, the government has no money, it's all from the tax we pay. Most of that money is usually taken by the ones in the foreign government and doesn't ever get to the people who really need it.

  • Golf
  • Golf

    Undecided, Oh, since when has the United Nations collected or imposed international taxes? The other stuff I mention is a given.


  • jstalin

    1. Continuing the trend, the world will see more economic and personal freedom

    2. The Internet will continue to expand, spreading those dangerous ideas to places like China

    3. The Watchtower in the US will see a slight decline in annual average publishers.

  • JH

    1. War

    2. Famine

    3. Pestilence

    4. Earthquakes

    5. Good news of kingdom being preached

    6. Great Tribulation

    7. Armageddon

  • AuldSoul

    1. The news media will become interested in Jehovah's Witnesses, and not in a good way

    2. At least two lawsuits will be filed accusing torts of misrepresentation

    3. A new legal theory will be published that will bolster the strength of the recent one

    4. A few new Web sites will be released to serve as news outlets for JW information

    5. Charles T. Russell will rise from the grave and invisibly persecute the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society with their own words

    6. Odd answers will be given at Watchtower Studies across the U.S. and in other countries

    7. Witnesses will begin to lose confidence that the Governing Body speaks for God
  • joelbear

    Saddam Hussein will become president of Iraq again.

    Brokeback Mountain will win the Best Picture Oscar

    Gay marriage or civil unions will be permitted throughout the EU

    Devastating hurricane will hit Orlando or North Florida coast.

    Birds will take over Rhode Island and Luxembourg

    Th lttr e will b liminatd from the alphabt

    Wars and rumors of wars

    Earthquakes in one place after another

    This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a profit.

  • Elsewhere

    • The sun will rise 365 times
    • The moon will be circle the earth 13 times
    • During the week days millions of people will commute to work in the morning and then commute back home in the evening.
    • New episodes for the new television season will be shown on TV
    • Countless commercials will be "fast forwarded" through using Tivo's and DVR's
    • Countless dogs will hump in plain site
    • President Bush will say something stupid
    • We will be shown many pictures of people in the Middle East, especially Iraq
    • Quite a few people will accidentally hit their thumb with a hammer.
    • Several supernovas will be observed in the universe by armature astronomers
    • Several comets will be discovered and named after the person who discovered each one
    • Many women will buy yet another pair of shoes
    • Many men will buy yet another watch
    • Some new "must have" gizmo will hit the markets
    • Quite a few people will be convinced that the world is going to end in 2006
    • Even more people will think those people are idiots
    • Quite a few people will suffer one or more paper cuts
    • The US will be hit by several hurricanes during hurricane season
    • "Tornado Valley" in the US will experience many tornados
    • An apple will fall from an apple tree... there will likely be more apples that do this too
  • free2beme

    In January there will be a strong effort by the Democrat's to impeach Bush, but this will be brought to a quick end by the Republican party who controls the Senate and House. Their main charge will be the wire tapping now seen in the media, but it will not go beyond a media show.

    President Ford will die in February from an illness related issue that has been hidden from the media, due to wanting some privacy in his last days.

    March, the news will make mention of a asteroid that was discovered by astronomers that could pass close enough to the planet to be seen with the human eye, but will not hit. This will spark an interest in people wanting to learn more.

    Late March, there will be a large drop in stocks, due to another scandal involving a major internet company padding their books beyond actual earnings. This will begin the end of the real estate boom and the housing prices will start to see the bubble bursting.

    April a earthquake will hit the LA area that is stronger then any in the past, thousands will be left homeless and the freeway system in and out of the area will be left in ruin.

    May, scientist will reevaluate the path of the coming asteroid to now state that it will impact the earth in the Australian outback in late 2007. Will be large enough to kill 2/3's of the worlds population.

    June, The bird flu will make its first airborne connection from human to human and be found in Seattle Washington, with the first US case. Martial low is declared in Washington state and all borders are closed by the National Guard.

    July, all US troops are called home to work with national security issues. Iraq falls to Insurgents without United States help and falls into chaos. No United States troops return and thousands are executed and S. Hussain returns to power.

    August, Air Force One crashes with the President on board, Cheney is sworn in to office, but only for a short time as health problems have him resigning within a month.

    September, The bird-flu is now showing up in all Western states and New York City. Over 1500 deaths reported in West and 500 In New York City. Stock market crashes.

    October, national electric grid is unstable due to national power issues from people not showing up to work due to the Bird Flu. National cases has reached 286,000 people and death toll has topped 20,000. Worldwide deaths has grown to 900,000 with Africa showing a 33% infection. Martial law in United States as federal government sends all power to state level and Washington DC is shut down.

    November, Asteroid is now seen in sky and public realizes government lied about times table to impact. Bird flu death now exceeds 2 million world wide and royal family in UK dead from flu. Worldwide panic over Asteroid strike prevents proper treatment of Flu. Seattle - LA is a battle zone of people not allowing anyone in or out of their towns.

    December Asteroid hits earth, Australia has 100% death toll. Rest of planet see's affects within days and darkness covers earth. Within weeks, most of Africa is dead or dying, South America is left in darkness and Bird-Flu has take 50% and food shortage from dust cloud killing 1,000. United States government structure falling to local level only. Riots from food shortages in all major cities with no police to control, leaving huge mess and death toll. Bird Flu death toll tops 1 Billion worldwide. Foot shortages killing thousands by the day.

    Sounds like a great year, Happy New Year!

  • mrsjones5

    I will lose weight

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