What are your predictions for 2006?

by Omar S. 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Omar S.
    Omar S.

    For the next year, 2006, I predict that:

    1. The US will have clear victory in Iraq.

    2. There will be a devastating sutnami in japan around June.

    3. A devasting Earthquake in California.

    4. The Watchtower will come out with another end of the world date.

    5. Bin Laden will be capture and brought to the US for execution.

    6. The stock market will be better than the last 10 years.

    7. Gas prices will significantly lower due to strict goverment intervention.

    that's all I predict for 2006, what are your predictions?

  • ozziepost

    God knows, but I can imagine that:

    1. the WT will continue to decline

    2. the WT's blood position will be causing them a lot of heartache

    3. Omar will learn to spell tsunami

    4. More and more newbies will be attracted to discussion boards like JWD

    5. More and more posters will move on after finding their road to freedom

    6. The US troops will be brought home

    7. Both George Dubya and the Iraqi government will claim victory and the next day hundreds are killed by insurgents in Baghdad.

    Etc, etc

  • jeanniebeanz

    1. I will be voted the first female president of the USA.

    2. First order of business will be to require religious institutions to open their books and computer records to the public since they are taking the public's money.

    3. The society will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law when it is discovered that they intentionally lied to their people to their detriment. The GB will then be institutionalized and the WTBTS will be disbanded.

    4. All attorneys who defend these snakes will be ordered beaten with a wet noodle and forced to Jell-O wrestle each other on pay t.v. as punishment for their silliness. Proceeds will go to the Presidential Cult Recovery Fund.

    5. I will learn how to write.

    6. Minimus will run out of questions.

    7. Mouthy will fall madly in love with a world famous Canadian hockey player, and we won't hear from her for six months while on her honeymoon.

    8. God will come back in the flesh and tell us that she's pissed that we could have gotten so much so wrong.

    9. Computers will develop sentience.

    10. Elvis will return along with Bruce Lee, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, and JFK and it will turn out that they were all just playing poker in a cabin in Alaska and lost track of the time.

  • geevee

    I will get to be another year older.

  • SPAZnik

    itz dunna be a dood year!

  • fairchild
    Mouthy will fall madly in love with a world famous Canadian hockey player, and we won't hear from her for six months while on her honeymoon.

    OOHHH wait until she reads that.

  • AlmostAtheist

    I'll finally mail that damn book! (Sorry fairchild!)

  • jwfacts

    The queen mother will die

    Armageddon will come

    No one will survive because God said he will only save people if they belong to a religion after his name and he couldn't find a single Yahweh's Witness.

  • greendawn

    Years come and go but there is nothing new under the sun except that in 2006 scientists will find out how to transplant human heads on the bodies of apes.

    This process will be used to save terminal cancer patients from pain and death: their heads will be removed from their diseased bodies and grafted onto the body of an ape and they will carry on living in their new hairy bodies that will also enable them to have fun by jumping around on tree branches, it's better than dying anyway.

    Only those with cancers in the brain and mouth can not be saved.

  • Golf

    1. More taxes

    2. More rights and freedoms taking away in subtle ways, (i.e.terrorism)

    3. More moral decay

    4. The middle class thinning out (eventual goal, elimination of the middle

    5. Sorry, fuel prices and other commodities will go up

    6. UN making plans to force international tax (This has been in the plan years
    ago but the populace would not accept it, maybe next year will see the
    gradual implemetation of it)

    Enough for now.


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