Winning the lottery, would it really change your life?

by JH 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    JH running over to the convenience store and hoping that I win tonight's draw...

  • JH

    OK' if I win, I split with poster number 25 on this thread

  • jeanniebeanz

    LOL... Yes, I could think of some things I'd do with even one mil...

    Pay off all debt.

    Set up college savings acct for son.

    Buy hubby a new car.

    Put some money into my business, marketing and such. Maybe hire a receptionist.

    That and a nice vacation for once in our lives.

    No huge changes, but certainly some much appreciated breathing room... :)


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well I'd buy a small house and a wheelchair equipped van.

    Do a bit of travel.

    And go visiting all those apostates on JWD!!!

    Think I really need to try the water down in Texas that seems to grow apostates as fast as it grows (lawn)grass

  • Kaylen

    I'm really not sure. Could someone arrange it for me and I promise to let you know

  • mrsjones5

    Yeah it would change my life. I would start to hear from long lost relatives who normally wouldnt give me the time of day and if I turn their requests for money down then I would be blackballed just like they blackballed my father (long story). hm then again maybe it wouldnt change my life.


  • Panda

    Very funny ... making us dream the impossible dream, to have beauqueys of cash to pay off our bills and then take our friends travelling. Also visit the people I love most, start a school of-no- bullshit in a building minus aspestos tile. And hire great teachers, buy them houses and pay them well,,, I guess set up some foundation and trust to keep the school progressing, loads of field trips to NASA. Teach young kids about Enlightenment philosophers (de Montesquie) and maybe have stoies about a young Charles Darwin in England and the people who influenced him. I would also teach young children about architecture beginning with pyramids in Africa ...heck I'd take them to North east Africa and study the early civilizations which even the Egyptians may have been influenced by. WOW I'd need to win a ton of money. Dream on Panda.

  • Golf

    Like you JH, I'd still be me. I look forward to winning the lottery because I would then be in a position to help the 'needy.'


  • Country_Woman

    I am sure it would do..... making everything a lot easier.

  • tweety

    I think that it would change my life and you would have relatives coming out of the wood work....saying, 'here I am, your favorite ____'

    A few years ago...I was at work and collecting money for a lottory poll. I collected $5 from 19 people. We won $150,000.00! We were one digit off from millions. ( our last number was a 7 & the lottery number was an 8 )

    Money makes people go crazy! There were people at work who were mad at me for not collecting thier money. I got threats from people! Some stopped talking to me. Days later...I was at work and crying over how my co-workers were treating me.

    If that situation would ever happen to me again...I would never tell anyone that I won. I would never sign the agreement to have an interview or to make it public.

    Just as a note: You don't get your money right away...the lottery does a back ground check for liens, back taxes and etc. When you get your check, it is surprising how much taxes they take out. haa

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