Winning the lottery, would it really change your life?

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    I would donate everything to the Watchtower Society to buy my way into the annointed class so I can go to heaven... NOT! I'd rather rock out in Hell, listening to Heavy Metal with Uncle Luci, than being stuck for eternity with winged robots...

  • fairchild

    Yes it would change my life a great deal. I am rather poor and live on about $20 a month for groceries (which is enough because I have a huge garden in summer and freeze a lot of stuff). I make great money at work, but my "busy" time lasts only 2 months out of the year, and for the rest of the year, I only have 1 shift a week, so the money I make in 2 months has to last the rest of the year.

    This means that on average, I live on about $400 a month. Rent is $200, electricity and phone each around $50 and internet service is $10. Unless I have other expenses (like repairs, or someone's birthday coming up) I keep $20 for groceries and use the remaining money to pay off hospital bills. I still have about $4,000 to pay in hospital bills.

    If I had a million dollars, I would definitely give half of it away to friends, charity organizations and people who really need it. With the other half I would pay off my hospital bills, buy a pound of smoked salmon, 10 pounds of Belgian endive and 10 boxes of Belgian truffles (all of those are too expensive for my budget and I have been craving them for years), and I would put the rest aside and not waste it.

  • fairchild

    Damn, my post is only #22, and you were going to share your million with the 25th poster.

  • zagor
    Winning the lottery, would it really change your life?

    Don't know, haven't had a pleasure of finding out

  • JH

    Whatever I win, I share with that 25th poster

    I think that there are many witnesses here.... Hey I'm the 25th poster....hahahahhahaha

  • fairchild
    Hey I'm the 25th poster....hahahahhahaha


  • MsMcDucket

    JH, come on now? Do you really have to ask? I have my own family, I have 12 brothers and sisters, my mom is still alive, and I can't tell you how many nieces and nephews (and that's just on my side of the family) that I have. I'd, probably, be broke the next day. So, I guess you could say that I would still be the same person. I'd still have to work to make ends meet.

  • SPAZnik

    it would probably open some doors
    (and maybe close some too...i like my privacy/obscurity)
    i agree with the "more of me" theory
    and i think that managed right, it could contribute to, or perhaps expedite some cool changes i'm alredy workin' on :)

  • JH

    Well, once more, I didn't win....

    Sorry poster #25

  • luna2

    I've never bought a lottery ticket. Always felt like throwing money away. Might try it sometime just for fun.

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